Cafe T.W.I.G.S

TWIGS (which stands for Two West Island Girls), is a Cafe located in the second oldest community of the West Island, Ste Anne de Bellevue in Montreal, QC.

While I love Saint Anne’s for several reasons and it is home to several good restaurants, this cafe is one of my favorites.  The atmosphere is always very cozy and the menu is simply amazing.  They offer a wide range of sandwiches, soups, drinks and desserts.  The drinks include lattes, teas, coffees and smoothies.  The menu is full of healthy options and choices offered for vegetarians.

While they have their specialty sandwiches, you are also able to make your own!  Which, is what I always do while I am there.  My usual order is a panini with chicken, avocado, brie cheese, mustard, hummus, tomato and spinach.  While the prices may seem just a bit high for some items, it is VERY worth it.  For my sandwich, the amount of brie cheese they use alone would cost the amount of the sandwich.  It is delicious and I am craving one as I type.

There are quite a few restaurants in Ste Anne’s I would recommend however this one is perfect for a snowy day inside or a refreshing summer day.  Also, many restaurants in Ste Anne’s seem to disappear in the blink of an eye- however, this one has several regular customers and I don’t see it closing any time soon.  I would honestly go to TWIGS every day if I could.  Check out their Facebook page here to see events and opening hours.

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