Phoenix featuring Albert Hammond, Jr. Concert

Photo Credits to Gaudy Perignon
Photo Credits to Gaudy Perignon

Setting: Montreal, June 8th, 2014- fans are starting to gather outside of Metropolis waiting to be let in to watch Phoenix perform, only to find that the concert is postponed until the following day.  While hearing rumors that the band was held up at customs during their road trip from DC, Twitter and Facebook revealed otherwise when the band tweeted this photo

BROKEN ENGINE!!! We’re doing everything we can to make it to Montreal just in time for tonight’s show… @wearephoenix

Although they were unable to make it for the original date- they were well worth the wait.  This concert will be one of my top ten concerts, no question.

Albert Hammond, Jr.  who many of us know from The Strokes, did a great set which included: Postal Blowfish, Rude Customer, Holiday, Scared, Egas, Cooker Ship, 101, GFC….

I had listened to The Strokes growing up, but  I never had the chance to listen to them live, so this was definitely an opportunity I did not want to pass up.  And then, there was Phoenix….

Photo Credits to Gaudy Perignon
Photo Credits to Gaudy Perignon

The energy of Metropolis skyrocketed as soon as Thomas, Deck, Laurent and Christian set foot on the stage. Their setlist included:

Too Young / Girlfriend
Trying to Be Cool / Drakkar Noir / Chloroform
If I Ever Feel Better / Funky Squaredance
Sunskrupt! (Un mélange de « Love Like a Sunset » et de « Bankrupt! »)
Consolation Prizes
S.O.S. in Bel Air

1901 and Lisztomania got the whole crowd singing along and it was goose bump inducing.  With the encore containing about five songs which brought the total song count to about 16- you definitely felt lucky to have been able to see this band live.  Especially, when Mars crowd surfed his way towards the back of the venue to stand and say hi and sing to all of us in the balcony (he also had to zip up his pants a couple of times- thanks to us touchy Montrealers).  The light show alone was extremely well done and I will not be forgetting this show anytime soon.

This show made it clear that I will have to try to see them live every time it is possible- it was amazing.

For more information on the bands, go to their sites, and

Also, for even more pictures from the concert, visit MTL Blog here.


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