Enough Said (2014) Film Review

Enough Said

Enough Said

Starring James Gandolfini, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Toni Collette, Ben Falcone and Catherine Keener

Directed and Written by Nicole Holofcener

Box Office: $17,536,788 as of January 10, 2014 (USA)

I had been wanting to watch this film for quite some time.  However when it was first released in October 2013, it was only a couple of months after the passing of James Gandolfini and I was not ready to watch one of his last films (this was his third to last production).

Thanks to Netflix, (almost a year later), I was ready to take a chance on it.   I have always loved Julia Louis-Dreyfus since Seinfeld is one of my favorite shows.  Who wouldn’t enjoy a show about absolutely nothing?  I am so glad I finally watched this.  Gandolfini did an amazing job like always and the chemistry he has with Dreyfus was perfect.

In this comedy/drama/romance, Albert (Gandolfini) and Eva (Dreyfus) are both divorced when they meet one another at a party.  At the same party, Eva unknowingly meets Albert’s ex wife Marianne, played by Catherine Keener.  Eva is a masseuse and gives her business card to Marianne.  Throughout the film, Eva and Marianne become close during massage sessions and quickly become friends.  During these sessions, Marianne speaks of her ex husband and all of the things that he did to contribute to the marriage failing.

Once Eva realizes that Albert, the man she has been seeing is also the same man Marianne constantly vents about, she allows all of the information she’s gathered to slowly destroy her relationship with him.  I will not give the ending away but it is a movie that made me laugh several times and want to tear up for a few others.  I definitely recommend this film and I am not a fan of romance movies.  It is not your usual romance, “cheesetastic” movies and I think that is why I liked it.

Toni Collette and Ben Falcone are great as secondary characters and they bring quite a few comedic lines to the table.  Collette has been one of my favorite actresses ever since I saw her in Little Miss Sunshine and About A Boy.  I think she is a talented actress who can bring several personalities to the screen.  I will have to do a post about Little Miss Sunshine soon because it is just.. perfect.

I really enjoyed the concept of Enough Said.  There is one scene when Eva is looking through her old wedding photo album and when her daughter asks her why she’s looking through it, Eva responds with “I don’t know.  Just pulled it out.  Trying to remember what I knew.  Did I already know those things about your dad?  I mean the things we would fight about? […] I think I did actually, I think I always knew, or felt them- I just wasn’t paying attention.”

This movie lead me to begin thinking a lot about relationships, marriage, divorce and all that comes with it.  Overall, I think this is a wonderful movie and if you are a Gandolfini fan, watch it and respect his memory for everything he contributed to the entertainment industry.  To read an interview done with the writer and director of this film, Nicole Holofcener, in which she speaks about the passing of Gandolfini, click here.

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