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Lola Rosa


Lola Rosa

Lola Rosa is a Vegetarian (Vegan Friendly) Mexican, Comfort Food Restaurant and it has two locations.  There is one located at 545 Rue Milton and another one located at 4581 Avenue du Parc.  They also offer a delivery service but it is definitely worth going inside just for the ambiance.

There is a bohemian vibe once you enter and hanging on the walls are canvases with art of Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and Paul McCartney done by VictArt (view his official website here or like him on Facebook here).

You are seated at wooden tables that have drawers full of random notes from previous diners, some of which were love notes… it was all pretty cozy and it is definitely my kind of place.  Since it was a Friday night, it was packed so we had to return in an hour- therefore, I highly suggest you make a reservation in advance since it is a popular spot.  Before ordering, if you are a vegetarian or vegan, be sure to follow the legend which tells you which dishes are suitable for you.

                      IMG_0632              IMG_0630

We started off the night by getting the pitcher of one of the beers of the night and I also tried the Lola Cocktail which was absolutely delicious.  It had a bit of tequila in it but the citrus flavor and the mint made me want a whole pitcher of that alone.  It was absolutely delicious.


For the appetizers, we shared the Portobello Farci and the Demi Lola’s Nachos.  The Portobello was amazing and that is coming from someone who doesn’t usually like mushrooms.  The nachos were very addictive and the portions were quite large for it being a “half portion” appetizer.  I would definitely get the nachos for the full meal in the future.  They were delicious.

For the main meals, we ordered the Quesadilla with mixed salad and brown basmati rice, the burrito with mixed salad and rice and the Green Curry and House Tempeh.    Every single dish was amazing.  Since the friends I went with do not usually go to vegetarian places, it was a new experience and they still really loved it.  The portions were once again massive and it was hard for us to finish our plates.  We even felt bad for leaving the few parts of leftovers we had on our plates- everything tasted so good.


IMG_0638 IMG_0639

We had also heard that their dessert was delicious so my friends got a coffee, a “Hot Shot” which is a dessert cocktail with espresso in it (yes, like its name it is in fact a shot), the Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream and the Choco- Coco Pie.  The brownie was definitely better than the Pie but the pie was also amazing.  The crust had quinoa and almonds in it and the rich flavor of the chocolate mousse was enhanced with the slight taste of avocado.

IMG_0643 IMG_0645

This restaurant will definitely have me as a diner on several more occasions.  The staff in incredibly polite and you can tell that they really care about the service they are giving you.  It is not a place where you would want to have a “quick bite” since it is a laid back, unhurried atmosphere.  However, the staff does make sure to check in on the status of your order while you are waiting and the dishes are cleared almost as soon as you are done without it feeling like they are rushing you.  I am honestly so thrilled to have finally come to Lola Rosa and I can see why it is a “Meat Lover’s Favorite Vegetarian Restaurant”.

Check out their official website here, their Avenue du Parc Facebook Page, the Milton Facebook Page and follow them on Instagram.


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