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A few months ago, I had dinner at Notre-Boeuf-de-Grâce located at 5732 Sherbrooke Ouest.  For those of you who were distraught when hearing of the closure of the iconic D.A.D’s Bagels, here’s the restaurant that replaced it!

We have been wanting to go ever since it opened and we are so glad that we finally went.  It’s also very sweet of them to name one of their Dishes The D.A.D’s Burger (6oz beef patty, Tandoori mayo, cucumber, tomato, pickled eggplant, cilantro).  I thought that was a very nice way of remembering the famous Bagel Shop.

*They have done several renovations since I went; it looks absolutely gorgeous now.*

Upon arrival, you sit wherever is available in the small but very cozy room.  There are two televisions, brick and wood walls and very nice booth seats on one side of the room.  There is also a small bar where you can sit and watch the chefs work their magic.

My friend ordered the $5 shake of the day – chocolate of course, the Divine Inspiration burger (which the waitress described as a Gourmet Big Mac)- two 3oz patties, lettuce, onions, pickles, American cheese, secret sauce with fried egg and bacon.  He also got Devil Wings- 4 Devils, 4 Wings, which were Medjool Dates Wrapped in Bacon…Deep Fried and Served with Hot Sauce and chicken wings.  

I have a pretty bad case of lactose intolerance but I had one sip of the shake and it was delicious.  It resembled the shakes at Baton Rouge but with more ice cream and without the high price.  I didn’t try the burger but it was finished in about two seconds and my friend said “Now THAT’S a burger!” so it must have been amazing.  The bacon wrapped dates were very interesting and had a great taste to them.  It’s something I would make at home for sure because let’s be honest, wrapping anything in bacon makes it a billion times better.  The wings were good- they had a kick when you got parts with the sauce on it but other than that, they were pretty plain wings.

I ordered the poutine.  It tasted amazing.  They had a sauce that involved a type of seed I can’t put my finger on (from what I could tell) and they also had scallions on top which left a really good aftertaste.  Their fries are also AMAZING.  Since it is such a cozy restaurant, we were pretty close to the family of five next to us (they had three young sons who were super cute) and everyone minus the youngest had fries included with their meal.  Just having the fries by themselves looked delicious.  The restaurant was very good with having kid friendly dishes.  They had catered to whatever the family had requested for their youngest child and the family took pictures of the children sitting on the booth side of the room.  You know a restaurant is good when it’s worthy of family photo shoots.

Looking at the menu, they also serve cocktails, their own house beer and house soda. Overall, the service was VERY fast, very friendly and we will definitely be going back to try more of the menu options.  They also have veggie burgers for those who are vegetarian.

You can check out their official website here!  Also, here is the link for their Facebook Page.

If you really think you can handle it, take a glance at their Instagram Profile… the pictures make me drool.

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone to try at least once.

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