COOKS from HOME/ Cuisine Voisine

Cooks from Home

COOKS from HOME/ Cuisine Voisine

Cooks from Home is perfect for those who love to cook homemade meals, those who may be too busy to cook for themselves and it is perfect for anyone who wants to try something new while getting involved in their community.

How does it work?

(once it is launched in your area)

If you love to cook:  As a Cook, you post pictures of your homemade culinary creations and people in your neighborhood will use the Cooks from Home online platform to request a certain amount of portions.  As the Cook, you will decide how much you would like to receive as a donation.  All of the transactions and exchanges will be done easily by using the Cooks from Home platform (Website and App). This is a great way to show off your cooking talents, to engage in your community and to receive another source of income.  You decide when you cook, how often you cook and what you cook.  The Cook will have to provide their own packaging for the meals that they prepare, with the guideline that they “Serve food to others as you would like to receive it yourself”.  As stated on the official site, Cooks from Home requests that the packaging be as environmentally friendly as possible (yay for being as ‘green’ as possible).  What if someone cancels their order after you already spent your time cooking it?  Don’t worry- once the Eater places their order, they are unable to cancel.  If they don’t show up to pick up their meal, Cooks from Home (while still in its pilot stage) will reimburse you so there is a guaranteed sale.  If you are apprehensive because of legality issues, both Cooks and Eaters are responsible for reading and agreeing to the Terms & Conditions before they join Cooks from Home.

If you love to eat:  As the food recipient aka the Eater, use your smartphone, tablet or the web and Cooks from Home makes it easy to connect with Cooks so that you can find good food close by. Browse, click, reserve.  As the Eater, you would want to make sure your food is safe and that hygienic practices were used during the making of your meal.  That’s why you are able to contact the Cook and ask any questions you may have.  If, in the end, you receive a meal that did not meet your expectations, you can always contact the Admin of Cooks from Home.  Simply take pictures of the meal and the admin will deal with the situation on a case-by-case basis.  If a Cook gets too many complaints, Cooks from Home has the right to remove them from the platform to maintain product quality.

Contact Info and How to Sign Up

Since this business is still in its start up phase, it needs new Cooks and Eaters!  In order to make this amazing new service available in your community, please sign up on their official website here  as a Cook, an Eater or both and a Cook’s Helper will e-mail you shortly.  Also, help spread the word by liking their Facebook page here and please share with all of your foodie friends!

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