Cosmo Snack Bar in NDG


Cosmo Snack Bar

Cosmo is one of NDG’s most famous restaurants and it is known for being one of the best greasy spoons in the area.  Located at 5843 Sherbrooke O, it is one of the busiest spots to eat in the area.

It is a very small space which seats about 11 people.  I was lucky to have my friend save me a spot because about five minutes after I got there, all of the seats were taken and people were standing in a line that went out of the building.  You can also sit at the few tables they have set up outside.

The Creation

My friend and I both got “The Creation” sandwich which consists of an egg, salami, lettuce, tomato and cheese.  It was absolutely delicious.  Cosmo has any type of bread you would like- The Globe and Mail stated ” [Cosmo] offered 15 types of bread. It was once estimated that Mr. Koulakis went through 25 loaves of rye, kimmel and black Russian bread a day, and fried 20 dozen eggs and 25 pounds of bacon every day, too.”  The service is VERY fast.  The Creation also comes with a side of hash brown potatoes which are equally as delicious.  When I first saw the Creation, I thought it was small and that it was impossible for me to be full from just one but I was wrong.  I was happily surprised at how satisfied I felt.

Cosmo is also known for their “MishMash” omelette which is bacon, four eggs, ham, sausage, salami, tomatoes, onions and cheese, all fried in margarine.  I will definitely be going back to try it.

Cosmos is so well known, that Ezra Soiferman did a documentary on the late Tony Koulakis called “Man of Grease”.  To watch the trailer, please watch it on Vimeo here.


The famous Epic Meal Time guys even stopped by Cosmos to make a burger!  Watch the video here or read The Gazette’s article here.

June 22 of this year will mark the two year anniversary of Tony’s death. The events surrounding his homicide made numerous headlines along with questions about whether or not the restaurant would ever reopen.  However, there was no way his family members would allow the restaurant to close after Tony dedicated over 30 years of his life to the business.   I wish I had gone to Cosmos when Tony was still around- he seemed like a very happy, friendly and passionate person.  According to The Globe and Mail, “Meantime, neighbourhood homeless people, or those just down and out, were often treated to free meals, or were told to come back later. At the end of each day, leftovers were handed out, given to food banks or dumped on the forest floor near his cottage for the animals. “He used to say to me it was a sin to throw away food,” Mr. DiMonte said.”  For the full article, read it here.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone in the NDG area.  One customer stated on the resto’s official Facebook Page “Greatest breakfast food ever. I drive 10hrs 3x a year for it.” -Mike Paddon

It is open from 7AM- 5PM every day.  To contact them, call (514) 486-3814.

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