Andy Collins for Kids

Andy Collins For Kids

Allc.funds.ACK.Andy Collins for Kids – Benefiting the Montreal Children’s Hopsital

After I wrote about the Walk for Montreal Event, I have been discovering other great charities and organizations that benefit The Montreal Children’s Hospital.  One of which, is the Andy Collins for Kids organization.  I am honored to have been able to interview a Charity Director for the Andy Collins for Kids (ACK).  I now have more insight into all of the great things they have done to raise funds and benefit the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH).

The fund was set up in memory of Andy Collins. His untimely death at the young age of 46 left a real void in the lives of many of his friends. In order to keep his spirit alive while recognizing his love of children Andy Collins for Kids was established in 1997. The Board of Directors work in the community to raise money for the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation. It is now one of the top community funding organizations at the hospital.

Each year, th ACK host The ACK Golf and Funday Tournament which has now become the main fundraising event. To date, they have donated $2,500,000 to the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation through sponsorships and donations.

The ACK will be hosting their 19th annual Funday on July 11, 2015 will be held at Manoir des Sables, Orford, Quebec. It will be an amazing day of golfing, dining, dancing to fantastic Country Rock tune, line dancing, a mechanical bull contest, silent auction and more.

If you would like to take part in this great event, visit their website here and register for Golf and Dinner ($375.00) or just Dinner ($150.00).

The Montreal Children’s Hospital has asked ACK to provide $100,000 funding for the Montreal Children’s Hospital Trauma Centre. The hospital has developed a game changing Trauma program providing world class care to patients and trauma prevention among children through community outreach, education and lobbying. Researchers estimate that approximately 90% of unintentional injuries could be prevented. So they believe injury prevention is the best form of trauma care.

The Shave to Raise event will be on July 30, 2015 at the Montreal West Community Pool. This year the event will be supporting the Music Therapy program.

In addition to the Trauma Centre here are some of the programs the Andy Collins for Kids has been involved with over the years and continue to support:

1.       The Vision of the World Society:  providing access to appropriate medical and surgical care to children with congenital heart defects
2.       On the Tip of the Toes Foundation:  helping teenagers living with cancer regain their well-being
3.       Dr Clown: providing precious moments of laughter to sick children
4.       Art Therapy:  working with children who have eating disorders or been sexually abused
5.       Music Therapy:  therapists work with children with serious degenerative neurological conditions, life limiting diseases or palliative care patients.
6.       Community Work:  Over the years the Foundation has contacted Andy Collins for Kids to fund some urgent needs out in the community ie adaptation of a van for a critical ill child or providing funds for a Bone Anchored Hearing Appliance
7.   ACK Patient Care Room:  $100,000 commitment to the Best Care for Children Capital Campaign
8.   Shave to Raise:  with the help of Andy Collins for Kids the Montreal West Community Pool has raised $140,000 over the years.  The young leaders of this group have shown amazing commitment to Andy Collins for Kids and the Montreal Children’s Foundation
9.   Endowment Fund:  Perpetual fund to support ongoing hospital care requirements

How can companies help?
When you donate to the ACK, the MCH issues your company a receipt for 100% of your donation.  ACK will direct 100% of your donation to MCH in either the ACK allocation of funds, or to a specific cause as directed by your company.  This is beneficial because you could because with ACK you can allocate the funds to a specific cause, perhaps to help an employee’s child or a child you know.

Where do the funds go?
Many people are apprehensive about where their money is going.  The ACK is very open about where your donations go.

For today and tomorrow’s children – Research in special projects: 20%

For tomorrow’s children: 40%

The ACK Endowment Fund

For today & tomorrow’s children: 20%

Pediatric Cardio-vascular research & education

For today’s kids for fun: 20%

The Tips of the Toes Program & Music and Art Therapy programs

After learning so much about this great organization, it is no surprise to me why they are known for keeping the “fun” in fundraising and I really appreciate and respect the creativity they have while holding their events.

If you can’t make the Walk for Montreal, please at least Like The Andy Collins for Kids Facebook page here or visit their Official Page for more information and donations here.

Thank you again to the Andy Collins for Kids Organization and to their Charity Director for giving us an insight into the great work they are doing and how we can help.

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