Star of India/ Étoile des Indes Restaurant

Star of India

Star of India/ Étoile des Inde

Star of India is located at 5860 Sherbrooke Ouest.  We (3 people) ordered the “CC” deal which contains the Appetizer Platter, Butter Chicken, Bhoona Gosht, Chana Massalla, Palao Rice, Pappadum, Naan and Dessert for the price of $40.95.

First, I’ll talk about the one negative aspect of ordering from this restaurant.  It took them about an hour to deliver the food even though they are 2.4 km away from my location.  Even though we told them that the buzzer for the building wasn’t working and to please call us, the delivery man still gave us a LOT of attitude once he arrived. Don’t get me wrong, I understand, but I apologized numerous times and he kept pushing the issue and was rude. If we had known how long it would take, I would’ve gone downstairs to wait for him however because it DID take so long, I am very glad I didn’t wait.

On the other hand, there were many positive aspects.  When ordering, they were very helpful explaining the dishes and were very polite while offering suggestions.  Most importantly, the food was DELICIOUS. My favorite was the butter chicken, (which is not a surprise). The Bhoona Ghost was good, but I was a bit surprised at how ordinary it was.

Part of the Appetizer Platter was the Onion Bhaji- it was incredibly tasty. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed onions dipped in batter and deep fried.  Some of the best dishes are simple. The samosa was pleasant and the sauce they give with it is delicious. The Naan bread is also pretty appetizing.

The rice was amazing. I could eat numerous bowls of just the rice alone. The Chana Massalla was incredibly tasty too- definitely a great chickpea dish.

Overall, Star of India will always be an option for when I want Indian food.

Since I’m new to eating at Indian Restaurants- which restaurants do you recommend?  Please comment below!!

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