Delicious, Fruity Cleanse & Detox Water

Fruity Detox Water


Summer not only brings the warm and beautiful weather.  It also begins a season full of delicious food and beverages that supply empty calories for those who enjoy partying like no other, (Montrealers- I’m lovingly looking at you).  From festivals, concerts, TamTams and beach days,to BBQs and Food Trucks- there’s no surprise that we all need a bit of a cleanse.  Thanks to Skinny Ms – I found this great and delicious recipe for a drink that can help “flush the fat” away.

 I first liked this drink because of the assortment of fruit in the recipe.  I then read on to see why it is such a healthy option.  We all know that we need a proper amount of water but the rest of the ingredients are also beneficial.  “Tangerine allows your body to process glucose more efficiently, instead of turning it into fat. Grapefruit boosts your metabolism, and cucumber stimulates your body to feel more full. And mint aids the digestive process, allowing your body to eliminate waste more efficiently.”

Want to try it?  Here you go!



The amount of each ingredient can be changed according to your taste preferences.

1/2 gallon water

6 wedges pink grapefruit

1 tangerine, mandarin, or small orange,sliced

½ cucumber, sliced

(I also added 1 Lemon and 1 Lime to this recipe)

2 peppermint or mint leaves



Rinse grapefruit, tangerine, cucumber and mint leaves. Slice the cucumber, grapefruit, tangerine (and the lemon, lime if you chose to add it). Combine all ingredients in a pitcher. Allow the ingredients to sit for 2 hours for maximum benefits. Stir & Enjoy!

It is a very refreshing drink but the next time I make it, I would either use less cucumber or add more of the other ingredients.  While you can still taste the different layers of fruit, the cucumber is a bit over powering.

What are your favorite drinks to make that give your liver a break?

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