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Montreal Me“The long-term goal of Montreal Me is to put Montreal on the map as a light-bearer in the fight against disease and poverty.”

I am happy to introduce to you one of Montreal’s newest Non-Profits, Montreal Me.  Read on to find out more about this great organization from the founder himself, Mr. James Jaskolski.

James, thank you for allowing me to get a bit of an “inside scoop” on Montreal Me. I really appreciate it!

For the readers who haven’t heard of Montreal Me, how would you describe what your organization does?

We want to bring people of all ages together and help create a positive movement. Our goal is to organize exciting events and give back to those who are truly facing some difficult challenges.

Congratulations on your launch earlier in July- it looks like it was a great party!

What inspired you to pursue starting your own Non- Profit Organization?

Well I’ve always had a passion for helping others and doing my part in this world. Unfortunately, my father passed away in January and that makes you realize how fragile our time is. I knew in that moment that I had to do my very best and contribute in any way that I could.

Montreal Me3

How many people are on the Montreal Me team?

We’re a team of three so far. I was lucky enough to partner with my very good friends Jorge Chaparro and Vito La Giorgia.  They have such passion for helping others and I knew right from the start we were going to make a great team.

How long did it take to get the idea up and running? It must take a lot of work so, how do you juggle work and life with starting a Non-Profit?

Well the initial idea for Montreal Me started when I was 21 .At that time I knew I had an interest in helping others but wasn’t sure how to get it going. Once again, after my father passed away, I knew that I had to simply give it my best and do my part.

The work load itself definitely took some getting used too. Some days are longer than others but we really believe in what we’re doing. We dedicate as much free time as we can into Montreal Me and hopefully our hard work will bring people together.

You have very recently partnered with Leucan- how did this partnership come to be?

Well my sister, Julie Jaskolski , actually works for Leucan . Over the years, I’ve heard many compelling stories of the challenges these children and families face. I reached out to Leucan with the hope of raising awareness for their cause and they welcomed us with open arms.

Are there any other partnerships in the works?

Yes Absolutely!

What events can we look forward to in the future? Are there certain venues lined up?

We actually have our first event coming up on Monday August 17th at Typhoon Lounge .That’s going to be followed by our Golf Tournament on September 13th and our Ballroom Gala November 28th. Many more events are in the works and we will be posting information about these events very soon.

I live very close to Typhoon’s- it’s a great NDG spot- that should be great!

Are your events “all ages friendly” or will there be certain events catered to children friendly venues?

For the moment , were trying to target adults and get them involved . Going forward we intend on having a wide variety of venues that cater all ages .

You accept online donations via your website correct?

That’s correct. People can donate by going to and choose the donate tab . Everything is processed through Paypal.

Where do the funds from the events go? How are they allocated?

Everything after operating expenses go towards the foundation involved. As an example , in November we will need to pay for the Rental of the Hall for our Ballroom Gala. We take no salaries and remain focused on donating as much as possible.

Are you looking to expand your team? If not, what are the ways the public can help/get involved other than donating?

We encourage everyone to reach out and be a part of our Montreal Me family. We know we can’t do this alone and require as much help as we can get.

How can the public stay up-to-date on the events that you will be hosting?

We will continue to post our events well in advance using social media and through our website. We also ask that that everyone help spread the word and let as many people know as possible.

What is the easiest way to reach Montreal Me?

We can be reached in many ways and are always willing to hear from people .They can either send us an email at , send us a message through Facebook or even call my cell at 514-291-6787 .

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What are your goals for Montreal Me/ what do you hope to see happening in the future?

Our goal is simple. Get everyone involved, have as much fun as possible and make a difference in this world. We will continue to put our hearts in this project and hope people realize that its on each and everyone of us to fix what’s wrong .We need to open our hearts and understand that our time is short , lets make the best of it .

What are your favourite things about Montreal?

I’ve lived in Montreal my whole life and I absolutely love everything about it – besides the pot holes .We have such a multi-cultural society and that’s really something to be proud of. I love our Montreal Canadians and I know our road to the Stanley cup is coming soon. I can go on for days, I really do love being from Montreal.

I completely agree with that, Go Habs Go!

Do you think launching Montreal Me in Montreal specifically will help you more than if in a different location? Why?

Well the idea behind the name was that when you tell someone you’re from Montreal, it really has an impact on them. To say Montreal Me is to connect the fact that Montrealers are great people working together for the greater good. Eventually it would be pretty amazing if we could broaden our horizons with a Toronto Me or even New York Me. Sky’s the limit.

I am so excited to see how far Montreal Me goes.

If you want to show them your support, please contact them by:

e-mail at 

check and share their Facebook Page,

stay up to date on events, or you can even call James’ cell at 514-291-6787 .

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