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Interview with Stefania Fulginiti, Owner

“Stylbox is an online shop with a twist. A Canadian company based out of Montreal, we provide trendy retail pieces as well as our own exclusive designs. Stylbox as a concept was born to be more than just your average boutique; it’s a lifestyle. We are dedicated to bringing you trendy pieces at affordable prices, as well as sharing with you, our own personal designs.” -via Stylbox

I am so thrilled to introduce to you, Stylbox, with the help of the Owner and the Talent behind this great fashion collection, Stefania Fulginiti.  Stef, thank you so much for taking the time to do this.  I am completely in love with your collection and I want to buy every piece you have.  It’s all so beautiful.

Why did you decide to become a fashion designer?

Honestly, I’ve loved fashion since I was a young girl. My grandmother is a seamstress and I was always fascinated by it. It was always something I wanted to do, but when I was young I thought that it wasn’t something that I could do seriously. It wasn’t until I took my first sewing classes that I really knew that this is what I loved doing. Also it is extremely hard for me to find clothing when I shop. I always have an idea of what I want in my head but can never find it in a store. When I do find something it never fits properly which I’m sure most girls can understand. My solution was to make my own clothes.

What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

Being able to make clothes for myself of course! Whenever I need to something to wear I just make it.

If you could describe your line in just a few words, what would they be?

Modern, urban, chic

Floral Kimono
Floral Kimono

What are your inspirations for the designs?

My inspirations for designs are purely from my personal preferences. I make things that I would wear myself.

What materials do you use?

I usually use cotton or polyester knits, sometimes satin or crepe materials.

Which one is your favorite one to work with?

I enjoy working with spandex materials and cotton or polyester knit fabrics.

What materials are the hardest to work with?

I don’t particularly like working with satins and crepe materials. For me, I find them less manageable. Also tartan print materials are harder to work with, because you need to match up the print when sewing pieces together.

What are your plans for the future?

For the future I would like to expand into clothing for men and athletic clothing. I would eventually like to open up an actual boutique, as well as keeping our online retailer.

The Monochrome Set
The Monochrome Set

How would you describe your personal style?

If I were to describe my own personal style the word comfort would most likely come to mind. On a daily basis I like to dress down. Boyfriend jeans, a baggy top and sneakers are usually my go to items. I do like to dress up if I have an event to go to- dress, heels the whole nine yards. A better way to describe my style might be simple. I usually wear neutrals such as greys, whites and blacks. I will usually wear a simple outfit and jazz it up with a cute necklace and nice pair of heels.

In what general area of design do you work or wish to work?

I generally work in Women’s clothing. I mostly specialize in women’s event dresses although I would like to branch out into men’s. I am especially fascinated by men’s wear; I feel like there’s so many cool things to be done especially in terms of fabrics and prints. Eventually I would also be interested in creating an athletic line of clothing, as this is usually how I tend to dress on an everyday basis.

What do you think are the current and future trends in fashion?

Currently, especially for Fall, denim and tartan are huge trends. How fashion trends usually work is that if something becomes in style one season it usually tends to be even bigger the following year. Last year we saw the denim and tartan trends starting to emerge and now I am sure you will be seeing these two trends in every stores upcoming fall collections.

The Lacie Two Piece
The Lacie Two Piece

How do you stay up to date with fashion?

I mostly stay up to date with fashion through magazines, and style bloggers. I don’t necessarily follow every trend just because it is “in style”, I follow the trends that I like.

Any favourite fashion related TV shows?

I actually surprisingly don’t watch any fashion related TV shows I prefer to read about fashion in books or read designers biographies than watch TV.

What trends are you especially in favour of?

I love the current denim trend, I feel like denim is a timeless trend that never really goes out of style.

Where would you like your career in fashion to lead you?

My main goals for my fashion career have always been to have my own company. I like being my own boss, as I am sure many people can understand. Eventually I would like to be able to open an actual retail store in the downtown area that people can come visit to shop.

What hobbies do you enjoy outside of fashion?

Outside of fashion, I enjoy sports and outdoor activities. I enjoy watching shows, ballets in particular I grew up dancing and it is always something I felt passionate about.

Do you enjoy being a designer residing in Montreal? Do you think it inspires you more?

I do enjoy being a designer residing in Montreal, it does inspire me because I feel as though many of the fashion companies based here have left and the fashion industry here is so small in comparison to other cities and yet there is so much potential.

The Ari
The Ari

Do you notice any Montreal trends that are unique to our city?

I don’t really notice any trends that are specifically unique to Montreal, but I do notice that fashion wise we are very much into the urban trends that you would not see in a small town city.

Do you plan on moving elsewhere to pursue your fashion career? Where would you want to work?

For the moment I don’t plan on moving anywhere, I will be pursuing my career here in Montreal. I would love to be able to move to New York in the future- that has definitely been a dream of mine for a long time. I visit New York a few times a year and I fall in love with the city every time.

Who are your favorite fashion icons?

Chanel is definitely my favorite fashion icon. She really brought the idea of women not having to wear super tight form flattering clothes to life. Her designs promoted women being able to dress comfortably with her boxy suit jackets and cross body purses. Which is something we can definitely see influencing today’s current fashion trends with boyfriend cardigans and blazers everywhere.

The Rou
The Rou

“Our goal is to make the world a more fashionable place one box at a time. We hope you join us on our journey and help show the world, ‘what’s in your box?’ – Stylbox

Want to see the Summer Collection and a Sneak Peak of their Fall Collection?  On August 16th, from 11 AM – 4 PM, Stylbox is having a Pop Up Sale along with many other local businesses at The Challenger Reception Hall.  More details can be found here– I hope to see you there!

Want to contact Stef and Stylbox?  You can always Follow her Facebook page here.

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