Crossing Jordan (2001-2007)

Crossing Jordan

After I finished my Third Watch marathon, I started thinking of the other shows I had enjoyed when I was younger.  Crossing Jordan came to mind and I am now on the second Season.  This is another show that has featured several amazing actors as guest stars, but where are the actors who played our favorite characters now?

CROSSING JORDAN -- NBC Series -- Pictured: Jill Hennessy as Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh -- NBC Universal Photo: Mitch Haaseth

Jill Hennessy “Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh”

Hennessy was born in Edmonton, Alberta (woo Canada represent). I first remember seeing Hennessy in Law & Order (’93-’96) so, when she got her own show, I was pretty excited.  She has been in numerous things since Crossing Jordan such as Luck, Jo, The Good Wife and most recently, The Other, which is in post production.  She has been married to Paolo Mastropietro since 2000 and they have two boys.


Miguel Ferrer “Dr. Garret Macy”

Whenever I think of Miguel Ferrer, I hear my mom saying “You know he’s Rosemary Clooney’s son, right?!”  Pretty neat fact to know in general, if you ask me.  I first remember seeing Ferrer in “Project ALF” when I was very young, in which he played the bad guy.  This is why, when I saw he was cast as one of the main characters in Crossing Jordan, I didn’t know how to react.  Thankfully, he is a great guy this time around.  After Crossing Jordan, Ferrer went on to do many things including: The Protector, Desperate Housewives, Young Justice, NCIS: LA and you may recognize him as Vice President Rodriguez in Iron Man 3.


Ravi Kapoor “Bug”

The doctor with the longest name, hence his nickname “Bug”- Kapoor was an excellent addition to the Crossing Jordan team.  After the series ended, he went on to do several tv shows such as My Name is Earl, Heroes, 24, The Game, Fringe, Numb3rs and The Mentalist to name a few.


Steve Valentine “Dr. Nigel Townsend”

You may have spotted him in Spider Man 3 as one of the Photographers but he played Nigel, one of my favorite characters, on Crossing Jordan.  He was a bit strange, eccentric and hilarious.  Valentine has 48 acting credits to his name since CJ ended.  Shows such as Mike & Molly, The Big Bang Theory, Perception, CSI and Major Crimes.

CROSSING JORDAN -- NBC Series -- Kathryn Hahn as Lily Lebowski -- NBC Photo by: Chris Haston

Kathryn Hahn “Lily Lebowski”

Known as the softhearted Lily on Crossing Jordan, some were surprised by the roles and the characters she later played.  She has been on a few TV shows (Girls, Free Agents, Parks and Rec, Happyish..) but her movie career has definitely exploded.  You would know her as Alice in Step Brothers, Janet in Our Idiot Brother, and has been in Tomorrowland, She’s Funny That Way, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, We’re the Millers, The Dictator and Wanderlust.


Jerry O’Connell “Woody”

Ah, my favorite!  I’ve loved O’Connell ever since Stand By Me.  He was one of my first crushes on Crossing Jordan.  After the show ended, he was in shows like Burning Love, We Are Men, Marry Me and The Defenders.  He married  Rebecca Romijn in 2007 and has twin daughters.  He enrolled in Law School but decided to return to acting full time.


Ken Howard  “Max Cavanaugh”

Last but not least, Howard, who played Jordan’s Dad.  There were times you didn’t know if you could trust him or not but that definitely made the show suspenseful!  After he left the show in 2005, you could find him doing cameos in  The Office, George Lopez, Ghost Whisperer, Brothers and Sisters, 30 Rock, and movies like In Her Shoes, Michael Clayton, Rambo, The Judge and most recently, The Wedding Ringer.

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