Yelp MTL’s Summer Fest Kick Off Party

Yelp MTL’s Summer Fest Kick Off Party

Several people are apprehensive when they hear the word “Yelp”.  I had first heard of Yelp when the Famous Amy’s Baking Company episode of Kitchen Nightmares aired.  The episode consisted of the owners accusing the featured diners to all be Yelpers who were trying to get attention.

The episode and the several news reports that surrounded this topic, will show you that Yelpers were not the reason this restaurant was drowning.  Don’t believe everything you hear. I have watched this episode many times and I still can’t get over how the owners act.  It’s both funny, but sad.  You can watch the whole episode here:

If you want to see the “Return Episode” to see the chaos that happened after the filming was over,  watch it here.

I only started writing reviews for Yelp in May of this year, so I was pretty surprised when I found out that I was nominated by the to be an Elite Member.  I of course accepted to be part of the Elite Squad and because of this, I have been invited to several events in the Montreal area.  I was supposed to go to a Free Pole Fitness class, but I was unfortunately too sick to attend.  I am still regretting not being able to attend that event.  Luckily, these events are held quite frequently.


Ali and I having a great time!  Photo by Randy Panté  (For the photos: Full credit go to the fabulous photographers & other Yelpers via Yelp!)

The Passovah + Yelp MTL’s Summer Fest Kick Off Party was held at Théâtre Fairmount (5240 Avenue Du Parc, Montréal, QC).  Elite members & their guests got to enjoy an hour long party before the doors were open to the public.  The entire thing was amazing.

There were several delicious samples from restaurants such as:

 Fabergé/Roux Food Truck



My absolute favorite meal of the night was from Fabergé. Their Ravioli Farci was DELICIOUS.  I could eat it all day.

Ta Chido Snack-bar mexicain

They had amazing soft tacos- pulled pork, sweet potato- all of the options were delicious!

 Chez Boris


They offered three types, Sugar, Cinnamon and Chocolate.  I had the Cinnamon, Ali had the Sugar and we couldn’t get over how good they were.








Café Prague


Traiteur Guru

Ali had one of the Samosas and she loved it- she said it tasted really, really, good.

Créaction animation



I can’t remember the last time I had cotton candy, so this was a really nice treat.  They gave a large portion and it was tasty!  They offer services for parties, weddings and more so check out their site if you are having an event!





Jameson Whiskey also partnered with Yelp for the event.  We were able to have two free drinks (so yummy) and you could also learn how to make your own cocktails!


Ali had two Gold Rushes and I had one Gold Rush and one Jameson Ginger since I love Gingerale.  The Gold Rush was really tasty- it was tart so it took awhile to have the whole thing.  Which was great.  It was the perfect accompaniment for all of the food we were eating.   The Jameson Ginger was also okay, however I liked the Gold Rush more.







There were also amazing organizations:

Mile End Community Mission

Mile End Community Mission is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization and community centre working with members of the community who have been marginalized by society for a variety of reasons.  Our services are used by people of all ages, many of whom struggle with addiction, are in poverty and/or are homeless. We strive not only to help these people, but to empower them to help themselves. At Mile End Community Mission, it is important that we include the community in our decision-making and program implementation.



You could make your own flower crown, using beautiful, real flowers.











Rock Camp for Girls Montreal


Here is a picture of Ali and me while we were learning more about RCGM and it’s an amazing organization!  You need to check it out!

Rock Camp for Girls Montreal is a space where girls get together to learn and make music in the name of empowerment and community building. It is also a space where girls discover and express their talents, and become leaders in creating their own kind of cultural production through music. Female musicians and community members support girls through instrument instruction, tech tutorials, band practice and skill-building workshops. At the week’s end, the girls get the chance to show off their talents to friends, family, and community members at the Showcase Concert. The goal is for girls to rock in all aspects of life!



Game N Give had two huge screens set up where you could watch people play Rockband and Just Dance.  It was really neat!

“GAME N GIVE allows you to support the non-profit organizations of your choice by playing the games you love. In addition, you can play and follow the organizers’ Twitch stream directly from the event page! Participants can play along with the organizers while watching their live broadcast on Twitch directly on GAME N GIVE’s event page.”

There were also businesses like





While they have a boutique in Toronto and they have an online Boutique, all of the products are made in Montreal.  No, it’s not just “Sex toys”… it’s more than that.  I really hope they open a boutique in Montreal soon.  Speaking to the rep was very informative and she said that a store here can’t be open because stores like this in Montreal have different rules so they have to figure out how to work around them.

“The development of each of our products is based on three company’s core values: intimacy, education and communication. We want to create tools that allow our customers to enjoy and develop their erotic life in a friendly and authentic manner. Shocked to learn that some companies use harmful additives in their products, we made a commitment to provide healthy and easily washable products. The choice of porcelain as the main material of our products allows us to ensure an impeccable hygienic quality.”

Cook it

Cook It is a REALLY neat concept.

Be your own best friend and avoid the grocery store line-ups. Right from your phone or computer, choose meals for the week you know are healthy and original. We’ll deliver fresh and pre-portioned ingredients to your door. Starts at $7 per meal.

At around 10 o’clock is when the music started.  Moonface  (Wolf Parade) and Miracle Fortress performed however, since I wasn’t feeling well and we both had work the next day, we decided to call it a night.  It’s too bad that we had to miss the musical part of the evening, but throughout the event, there was great music being played so we at least had a good “soundtrack” for our night. By the time we left, the venue was packed.

It was an eventful night and a lot of goodies were given.  Here is all the loot I brought home with me!


A ton of business cards, Omeha Voluptuous Massage Oil from Desirables,  a Yelp shot glass, a pen, a bottle opener key-chain, earphones, a pin from Rock Camp for Girls Montreal, and the special annual gift for Elite Members: a Rescue Re-charger!

I am happy to say, the event raised $2465 for Rock Camp for Girls Montreal and Mile End Community Mission which, is what it is all about.  There are a billion perks, but helping community organizations is a great thing.  Please, be sure to check them out along with all of the great restaurants and businesses who made the night possible.  Of course, check out Yelp!  Become a member, write your own reviews and meet interesting people!  There’s nothing to lose!

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