The House of Thunder by Dean R. Koontz

House of Thunder

IMG_2611 The House of Thunder

Author: Dean R. Koontz

Previously published under the Pseudonym: Leigh Nichols

Published: 1982

# of Pages: 360

About the Book

In a cavern called THE HOUSE OF THUNDER, Susan Thornton watched in terror as her lover died a brutal death in a college hazing. And in the following four years, the four young men who participated in that grim fraternity rite likewise died violently. Or did they?

Twelve years later Susan wakes in a hospital bed. Apparently involved in a fatal accident, she is suffering from amnesia. She doesn’t remember who she is or why she is there. All she knows is that her convalescence is unfolding into a fearful nightmare – and that the faces that surround her, pretending loving care, are those of the four men involved in that murder years ago.

Have the dead come back to life? Or has Susan plunged into the abyss of madness? With the help of her neuro-surgeon, Susan desperately clings to her sanity while fighting to uncover who or what could be stalking her…

Pippit enjoyed this book too!

My Thoughts

I am a huge Dean R. Koontz fan and while I enjoyed The House of Thunder, I enjoyed his other novels more.  Koontz usually has a great way of getting my attention and also, keeping me guessing until the end.  This time, (while it was a page turner), I had guessed several different options as to what Susan’s “hallucinations” meant and when I was about 20 pages away from finishing the book, I was very disappointed to find out that I had been right.

Or so I thought.

With about 5 pages left, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was yet again, a twist.

Therefore, I am happy with the book for keeping me entertained the entire way through.

The one thing I disliked, was how the book seemed to hurriedly give us a conclusion to the story.  The last few pages offered us a few insights into what happened but it was all so fast, that it seemed to still be incomplete.  It made me think about whether or not there was maybe a continuation, like it was perhaps a trilogy…

It’s not odd for me to want more once I am done reading a book, but for this one- it was for the wrong reasons.  It is not Koontz’s best in my opinion.

Next book I will be starting is 11th Hour by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro.

Have you read House of Thunder or 11th Hour?  What did you think?

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