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Piazza del Sogno

The translation of “Sogno” is “Dream” and if you have ever been to Piazza Del Sogno, you will know why their name is so appropriate for what they have to offer.  Located at 1180 de Maisonneuve Ouest, (if you take public transit, it’s a convenient two second walk from Peel Metro),  they offer amazing Pizza, a beautiful ambiance and on top of that, you get great service and food for an amazing price.

Photo taken from their Facebook Page

We were greeted by their very polite and welcoming staff and got to choose which table we wanted to sit at.  It was hard to decide because the entire area is so beautiful.  I have never been to Italy (yet) but I felt like I was transported to Naples while dining and that hasn’t happened in a very long time.  I chose a table that gave me a good view of the entire restaurant while being able to watch the pizzas being prepared.  They use a wood burning oven and that alone made me fall in love right away.



We started looking at their menu while enjoying water and a good Newcastle Brown  Ale.  Piazza Del Sogno now has their liquor license so if you have ever passed by it before, wishing you could enjoy food with a nice beer or wine, you now can!


For our Appetizer, we had the Fried Calamari and it will now be the only place I order it.  Other restaurants tend to either make their Calamari too rubbery or their marinara dipping sauce is too bland or too acidic.  Not here.  Their marinara is the perfect compliment for the perfectly done Calamari.


We then had the Seafood Salad Entrée which is a wide variety of fish- squid, mussels, clams, shrimp, with arugula and cherry tomatoes.  The plating was gorgeous and it is incredibly refreshing.  It it the perfect thing to pair with one of their pizzas, which is a “must try” for anyone who dines here.  It was absolutely delicious.


I ordered the ‘Zucchetta’ Pizza- Butternut Squash, caramelized onions, veal sausage topped with smoked cheese and basil leaves.  They had unfortunately run out of the veal sausage, but they were very apologetic and were quick to offer me any other topping to replace it; I chose Chorizo.  I will take this time to point out how nice our server was.  He made the whole experience a fun and memorable one.

Now, back to the pizza.  I am a huge fan of thin crust pizzas, and this was great because while the crust was still thick around the pizza, it was thin for the area under the toppings- it was the best of both worlds.  They also have a hot sauce that you can put on top if you want a bit of added heat.  The mixture of that, the butternut squash, the amount of delicious cheese- it was all just amazing.  We were pretty full by that point, so we were unable to eat the entire pizza but they wrapped it up for us to take home in two moments.


John finished his dining experience with their Espresso which is gaining in popularity.  He enjoyed it and said he wished he could have had a full sized coffee mug full of it.


Overall, I will definitely be going back and if anyone ever asks for a recommendation for pizza, I know I will be telling them that they have to go to Piazza Del Sogno.  For a restaurant that opened only a few months ago, (and dealt with minor setbacks like any restaurant would when it first opens), the future is looking bright and I give them 5/5 Stars.  I can’t wait to go back, especially since I was too full to try any of the desserts we saw when we entered.  Plus, I still have to try their pasta which also sounded amazing.

I am not alone in raving about this restaurant.  Here are a few other reviews I found (and no, I don’t know these individuals).

Other Reviews

The BEST pizza in Montreal!! – Reviewed 6 August 2015
I went once with a friend and I had to go back the next week! The pizza is just awesome, totally authentic Italian style (which is the best), food come out very fast, and the service is great! Honestly cannot wait to go back.

Just Like Naples! – Reviewed 26 August 2015

We were so pleasantly surprised with the quality of the pizza at Piazza del Sogno. We first noticed the wood oven while walking by, and then just popped in tonight for dinner.
My husband and I both ordered (hoping for the best) pizza margherita and we both agree that is tastes just like Naples pizza! The crust is soft and pillowy, the sauce is fresh, and the buffalo mozzarella is milky and delicious! So much flavour packed into an $11 pie!
If you’re looking for American style pizza this place is not for you, but if you’re a true Naples style pizza lover you NEED to check out this place! What a gem!!
Robert S. – Reviewed 19 August 2015
As a pizza lover I can honestly say that this will be my regular spot! Food was excellent and very affordable. The ingredients were fresh and offered a unique taste I’ve never had before. Plus the decor makes you feel like you’re in a small village in Italy.
Highly recommended!

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