S’mores Pie: A Delicious, Simple Dessert

S'mores Pie


S’mores Pie

This is incredibly easy to make and the hardest part will be to not eat all of the ingredients as you make it.  Kids love to help put it together (be extremely careful- there is heat involved) and seeing them with their gooey chocolate-y faces is hilarious and heartwarming.  It reminds you of how much you enjoyed making S’mores when you were younger and how nothing has really changed.


Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (or Homemade Dough)

A Bag of Mini Marshmallows

Graham Crackers

A Bag of Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Syrup


Taking a greased pizza pan (or a baking sheet if you don’t mind it not looking like a pie) roll the entire package of Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough until it is fairly even and touches the edge of the pan.

Follow the instructions- it should be baked at 350º for around 10 – 14 minutes or until golden brown.  Remove from the oven.

“Mmm, these are going to be good!”

Take your graham crackers and now you can either mash them until they are more like graham crumbs, or an easier method is to just use 1 inch pieces of them.  Scatter them on top of the Cookie.


Add the Chocolate Chips and the Marshmallows.



Put them back in the oven until you see everything is melted and there is a bit of browning on the Marshmallows.

Drizzle the Chocolate Sauce on top.


Once done, allow it to cool (we put it outside to speed up the process), we couldn’t wait!

“Are they cool enough yet?”

And there you have it!  Super fun, easy and delicious!

All done!
All done!

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