Man Up (2015) Film Review

Man Up


Man Up

Starring Simon Pegg, Lake Bell, Ken Scott, Ophelia Lovibond and Olivia Williams

Directed by Ben Palmer

International Box Office $776,000


Nancy (Bell), who hasn’t had luck in the love department, gets put into an unexpected situation when her identity is mistaken by a man (Pegg) who believes she is the woman he was supposed to meet for a blind date.  The entire film revolves around their night together, him dealing with the truth about who she is, and more (I don’t want to give it all away).

Here is the Official Trailer

My Review

I went into  this film expecting to laugh quite a bit because ever since I saw Run, Fatboy, Run, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz,  I absolutely love Simon Pegg- I find him hilarious.  However, I was also not delusional in expecting a movie that was anything more than a very predictable romantic comedy.

It was everything I expected and while it was predictable, it was still quite good.  I did laugh but I surprisingly teared up a bit towards the end (I’m such a chick sometimes, I know).


I enjoy how it all came together, and the chemistry between Pegg and Bell was decent.  They both do a great job individually, I just couldn’t see them actually having that chemistry in real life and while I didn’t want that to affect my views of the movie, it unfortunately did.  My favorite parts of the film were the ones that included Nancy’s Mother and Father.  I mean, she has Balin from The Hobbit (Scott) as a Dad- how cool is that? 😉

The story line is simple and it’s a good movie if you just want to relax with a very easy going film.

Overall, I’d say it would get a 7/10… I suppose.  I’m not great at rating rom-coms, they’re all just so similar.  It’s hard for me to give Pegg  a rating of anything less than a 7 on any film, I just really appreciate him as an actor (he’s the only reason why I could get through watching MI: Rogue Nation- no one agrees with me in saying the movie sucked).

Many more reviews to come!  In the meantime, let me know what you thought about Man Up!

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