Delicious Sub Recipe: Move over expensive sandwich shops!


It is no secret that I am completely in love with paninis… but I may have found my second favorite sandwich to make at home: subs.  “Why would anyone need a recipe on how to make a sub?  It’s just a plain sandwich….”  Sure, I see your point, but these subs tasted so good, I couldn’t resist sharing the recipe.  Plus, paying for a ton of cold cuts is a much better option than spending money at Subway for their “fresh but really not-so-fresh” ingredients, or $20 at a Quiznos for a disgusting sub.  I would rather make my own subs at home that would be good enough to make even Joey Tribbiani proud, so that’s what we did.


Havarti Cheese with Jalapenos

Monterey Jack Cheese with Jalapenos

Tomatoes- sliced thinly



Capicola (Mix of Spicy and Regular)

Parmesan Cheese


Sub Sandwich Bread

Sandwich Steak

Steak Spice

Shredded Lettuce (We forgot to add this and we slightly regretted it)



Preheat oven to 375 F.  Arrange all of your cold cuts and cheese on a plate.  Season your sandwich steak with salt and the steak spices.  In a pan over medium heat,  cook the steak until the juices run clear.  Allow it to rest for five minutes and then slice it into your desired sized pieces.

On a baking sheet, lay out your bread, cut in half, and spread both sides with butter as shown above.  I put it in the oven at this point in time, just to have the butter melt a bit, until the edges of the bread were slightly browned.  You can wait until later for this step though, it’s up to you.


Next, have your guests assemble their sandwiches.  I put mustard on one side, followed by the cheese, steak slices, tomatoes, more cheese, then the layered meats, and finished with more cheese.  I sprinkled salt, pepper and parmesan cheese over it all and then, I put it in the oven once more.  You can obviously switch up the ingredients and add what you prefer, onions, mayo, sauce, less spicy meats and creamier cheese… the list goes on but I found this combination to be perfect.

Keep your eye on it!  It will be ready once all of the cheese has melted.  It will take around 10-15 minutes.  Just be careful so it doesn’t burn!

Remove from the oven (it’s super hot, so use a spatula), cut in half and serve.

It honestly tasted so good, I’m going to go make another one for breakfast.


Which ingredients should I have added?  Any suggestions?

Or, do you know of any sandwich shops that aren’t disappointments?  The only one I can think of is Cafe TWIGS but I would love to hear of other places to try, so please comment below or find me on Facebook!

Thanks for reading!


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