Photos from Mount Royal- Montreal, you can be so Beautiful

Yesterday, was my two year “blogaversary” and to celebrate, we went to Mount Royal.  I have wanted to go to this lookout for a few years now, since the last time I had been there was several years ago. Sure, I had been to the Mountain for Tam-Tams during the summer, but I had not been to one of the lookouts in at least four years.

  This is not the highest point of the mountain, and it is not the best possible view, but for the time we had, we were able to drive to this point and it was the perfect place to enjoy looking out at the City that started it all for me.  Here are a few pictures  I took while enjoying the view.  More photos and information about Montreal will always be posted, so stay tuned to Joanna the Montrealer!

Much love from Montreal,


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