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It’s no secret that leggings are simply amazingly comfortable.  With the cooler weather coming our way, they are the perfect way to stay cozy and warm.  Thanks to Leggings For Less, you are able to get fashionable leggings at an amazing price.  They have such a great selection, that it’s hard to choose which ones you want to buy first!

There are all kinds of prints, patterns, plain and funky leggings to choose from.  There is definitely something for everyone, and something for people of all ages.

They can be worn as pjs, to work out, to dress up an outfit, to just be comfortable around the house, or even as long johns under other clothes to keep warm. There are so many ways to wear them, it depends on your personal preference but no matter what, you can count on being comfortable.

Here are a few photos of Leggings for Less’ top sellers during the cooler seasons:

*  For the matching Mommy and Me Set, you can build your own to suit your needs and sizes. Or, you can even just buy the kid’s size alone.*
There are three types of leggings: printed, style & yoga.
The printed legging sizes work as a regular one size (fitting generally 2-18) & a plus size one size (fitting generally 10-24).
The style legging sizes are mostly one size as well but more of a small to large only as they aren’t made to stretch.
The premium yoga leggings in solid colors are one size (fitting generally 2-8) & the ombre ones are by size, so Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large.  At the moment, there are no plus sizes in style or yoga leggings.
 For the pricing, please refer to their Page but they mostly go between $15-$20.
**Take note: People have been known to have a few issues finding the photo albums via mobile devices. mobile Facebook apps don’t always show the albums. They do become view- able from logging into Facebook from the browser, safari, computer etc.
Most orders are done from the Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/LeggingsFL. However, they also do a lot of vendor shows in Cornwall and surrounding areas.  There are also home parties where the hostess receives rewards, (based on sales of course).
If you make a purchase, you can send pictures of yourself wearing your Leggings For Less leggings (like the photos above).  It will get posted onto their official page, (no name is posted- if your picture includes a face, you will need to give your permission for it to be used).  Leggings for less does draws every 16th & 1st of the month (for the previous month) and if you posted a picture, you have a chance to win a free pair.  Be sure to check out their page for even more specials and other contests!
For those of us who don’t reside in Cornwall, I know of  a home party that is occurring in Montreal next month.  If you would like to know more information about any home parties, the products, or general information, either comment below or message them directly via Facebook here.
I am planning on attending a home party in December, so I can hopefully get you all even more information then!  Stay tuned for more fashion segments and please find me on Facebook to stay up to date on recent posts and events!  Or, follow my Boards on Pinterest– I often pin several Fashion related posts there.

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