I had a dream…

I had a dream last night, in which I was running.

I was running from men who were holding guns.

I was running towards a child who was injured, whose Mother was shot.. a child who needed a protective grasp.

I ran until I reached the child, lifted him up and continued to run.

I ran while holding him and then I saw my Sister.

She too, was running.

She hadn’t seen me, but I saw her and all I could think of, was how to make sure she would be okay.  I thought of her children and how to reach them- how to make sure their Mother would be with them.

I began to run toward my Sister, all the while holding on to the child who will forever remain nameless for me.

We were coming up to a muddy and deep ditch when a truck emerges from the right of us and it too, contained men who were not letting go of the trigger that held so much God like power.

I collapse into the ditch just as bullets enter my neck.  At first, I think, that maybe they just grazed it and I’m alright… but who knows.  All I could register seriously in my thoughts was 1) Did the bullets also somehow hit my Sister?  2)  Maybe they hit “Nameless”…  do I just leave him in my arms?  What do I do?  Do I risk moving to shield him just a bit more?  3)  I felt no pain… throughout this whole ordeal, I finally felt no pain.

I decided to just lay there- I decided to play dead.  I heard every single word the men said.  It was all in English but it was in a language I didn’t understand.  I guess I didn’t understand the language of Hate like they did.  I didn’t know how I refrained from crying, I didn’t know if I was slowly dying…

A man reached in to get me.

I heard my Sister’s voice from far away saying that she was okay.  She had the little ones- she was safe.  Nameless would soon be given a name.

I smiled.

I heard my Sister’s voice.


While I woke up from this dream, this nightmare… people around the world LIVE this terror every single day…  I want to live in a World where none of this hatred exists.  I guess that for now,  I’ll just keep on dreaming.

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  1. The recent events have brought home to many of us the fact that there is violence in this world. I hope that the events bring us together rather than further dividing us. It is disturbing to so many of us. Until there is peace, I wish you sweeter dreams than this one.

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