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While I have unfortunately, never been to Las Vegas, (I have a friend who swears he is going to kidnap me for a month and bring me there one day), I definitely feel like I have experienced what it is like to be in Vegas, thanks to all of the movies that are based and/or filmed there.

Being the movie lover I am, it isn’t hard to think of a few films that showcase the thrills of Las Vegas.  Casino, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Ocean’s Eleven, Diamonds Are Forever, Mars Attacks, Swingers, Con Air, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Rat Race, The Hangover, Last Vegas, Think Like a Man Too… the list goes on.

Thanks to Vegas.com– where you can find several helpful resources if you’re thinking about visiting the Sinful City, such as Booking Hotels- (visit https://www.vegas.com/resorts), Promotions, Attractions to Visit, Shows to go see, and even information to look at if you’re planning a Vegas Wedding (with or without Elvis officiating)- I was able to get insight into a few of the films that were filmed in Vegas!


I am a huge fan of Johnny Depp so it’s not surprising that I enjoy watching the cult classic, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998).  Although the Stardust Hotel & Casino was closed in 2006, it was showcased in the film and according to Johnny Depp, the Gorilla Statue that was outside of the Basooko Circus now “lives”in his front yard.

Also, in the film Swingers (1996) the shots taken from the hood of the car in Las Vegas were done without a proper permit.  The scenes done in the interior of the casino appear to be filmed at the Stardust Hotel but they were actually filmed in a downtown casino which they had to pay to use for the night.

Another film, which wouldn’t be the same if it had been filmed anywhere other than Vegas, is Ocean’s 11 (2001).  Filmed at several casino locations, including the Bellagio, they were very welcoming and gave the cast and crew a lot of freedom.   Caesars Palace even allowed them to film a scene depicting a robbery right outside the hotel.  The only place they weren’t allowed to be was in the money vaults for obvious reasons.

For this information and more, this is the info-graphic vegas.com was nice enough to share with me!



Thinking of all of these films, it’s neat to think of what they would be like if they had not been filmed in Vegas- what do you think the main difference would be?  Comment below or find me on Facebook and Twitter.

However, seeing movies done in the ’70s like Diamonds are Forever (1971) and comparing them to more recent films like What Happens in Vegas (2008), you can see that some things never change.  Of course, some things have changed with the times, but you still get the sense of risk, romance, the fun and the thrills of entertainment that are involved with being in Vegas.

Have you been to Vegas?  Am I completely missing out by not having traveled there yet?

If you decide to share your thoughts be sure to tweet at @Vegascom using the hashtag #SinCityCinema and be sure to mention @joannathemtler !

I want to thank vegas.com for all of the great information and for being such an integral part of how I will someday, plan a vacation to Vegas.


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  1. Haven’t been and it’s definitely not somewhere that appeals, but it does seem to be a good jump off point for places like the Canyon (no- don’t jump! 🙂 )

  2. I’ve been twice for business. It is not really my scene (during my free afternoon, I rented a convertible and drove through the desert). But that said, I advocate everyone should go for a day or two because it is so iconic. Even if you’re not into the scene, walking the strip at night has a lot of fun things to see. You can stop and watch the fountains at the Bellagio and then cross the street to Paris and have a drink in the Eiffel Tower. My second trip, my colleague wanted to see the musical Hairspray. So we got tickets and went. Good fun. You could spend a week there or go there for a couple of days and see some of the other great spots in the Southwest. Cheers!

    1. I previously always said that I would NOT want to go. It felt like I had experienced all that I needed to from the films and I am far from being a gambler. However, I always want to do everything/ visit everywhere at least once so from what you’ve said, I am getting ever more excited about visiting, even if for just a couple of days. Thank you for letting me know your experience!

  3. Hi Joanna 😀 Yes, I visited Las Vegas on my own many years ago for 3 days, staying at Circus Circus when it was brand new. Did the strip and some shows and drove away with $3 more in my wallet than when I arrived, full gas tank and a happy smile.
    Maybe you will visit one day 😀 <3

      1. Visiting Vegas is an individual thing. 3 days was enough for me as I was on a solo drive/hotel holiday driving to many tourist sites in that huge area of the States. I would recommend anyone to to that. A lot of long hours driving though.

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