Interview with Leigh Anderson, Founder of MTL DreamTeam

Interview with Leigh Anderson, Founder of MTL DreamTeam and Luxe Photobooth


Joanna Ahti


Leigh Anderson, Founder of MTL DreamTeam

In 2015, the talented Leigh Anderson founded MTL DreamTeam. What makes MTL DreamTeam different from other photography services? They take the stress out of making multiple appointments by offering everything you would need for your photo-shoot from A to Z.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Leigh to find out more about this amazing business and to share some of her beautiful work.  To begin, I was really interested in how MTL Dream Team came to be….


JTM: What inspired the idea for MTL DreamTeam?

LEIGH: I founded MTL DreamTeam after doing many shoots where a makeup artist, hairstylist etc all had to be arranged by the client. I decided to make it easier on my clients by providing them with a full team of ladies who can give them hair, makeup, nails and more, all in the comfort of their own home or location of the shoot.

JTM: What is your background with photography?

LEIGH: I grew up in a household where cameras were second nature to me. My father is a photographer and I was definitely used to not only being in front of the camera but also familiar with using one! When I was about 13, I decided to independently take up the hobby without the help of my father, which gave me the chance to discover so many techniques and styles! It was interesting because at the time, my father was still using film and I was teaching him how to Photoshop!

JTM:  Which photographers do you look up to/ which ones inspire you?

LEIGH:  I adore Ansel Adams black and white work, how he makes sceneries so breathtaking with the absence of color is so interesting to me! I also am inspired by Terry Richardson, for his fearless use of harsh shadows in his photography.

LeighAnderson MTLDreamTeam2
© Leigh Anderson Photography

JTM:  I have also heard a bit about the newly launched Luxe Photobooth.  What was the idea behind this branch of your business?

LEIGH:  I decided to launch Luxe as I transitioned into the age of marriages. I kept experiencing and noticing the regular type photo booths at weddings: a white backdrop, party store props and a camera on a tripod. I wanted to give my clients more options for their special  day, especially made custom for them! At Luxe we aim to add the extravagance you’ve been looking for! Once the official launch occurs in March, everyone will get to see some background samples, and they will be something you’ve never seen before!

JTM:  What will be the difference between Luxe Photobooth & MTL DreamTeam?

LEIGH:  MTL DreamTeam is the head company which provides services and photography for clients, where Luxe is specifically an “add on” to these services by getting custom backgrounds and photo booths!  

JTM: How large are the teams for the businesses?  How many people are part of a regular shoot?  

LEIGH: My team consists of several people, since the services we offer are limitless; however, at a regular shoot you would have me, my assistant, hair dresser and makeup artist!  

LeighAnderson MTLDreamTeam1
© Leigh Anderson Photography

JTM:  What type of shoots do you specialize in?

LEIGH:  I wouldn’t say I specialize in a specific type of shoot, but I specialize in a specific style. I specifically love sundown photography, which is unfortunately limited to the warmer months in Montreal! I also barely retouch unless very necessary. I find there are two different kinds of people in the present moment: master photographers and master Photoshoppers.

JTM:  What packages do you offer?

LEIGH: Every package I make is custom for my clients. Often times if you create a guideline, clients will ask to add something in or take something out. I prefer making sure that the client is getting exactly what they want for what is in their budget. My base package is a mini session with 10 edited photos for $75!

JTM:  I saw the Boudoir shoots you have been doing- they are amazing!  Would you like to tell us more about that?

LEIGH:  Boudoir shoots! They are such magical moments. I absolutely love doing them because they always give the confidence boost my clients have been looking for! You’d be surprised to find out that the majority of women who do boudoir shoots, are doing so for themselves and not for someone else!

LeighAnderson MTLDreamTeam3
© Leigh Anderson Photography

JTM:  What are the current promotions you are offering?

LEIGH:  Usually every month I have a promo of some sort, currently it is $50 off a boudoir session; however, thanks to my lovely customers, I am almost completely booked!!

JTM:  Any “sneak peak” information on upcoming promotions?

LEIGH:  The next promo will be for the launch of Luxe, which will include $200 savings. This is the highest rebate I’ve ever given on a promo! The promotion will be for clients who want to use a custom Luxe background or photobooth during a shoot, for the very low price of $50.

JTM:  Does having a business based in Montreal provide any unique challenges?

LEIGH:  I would say since I admire natural lighting and sundown photography so much, that it is very hard for me to attain this look in the winter! Cold temperatures, shorter days and overcast skies are not a good combination for a stunning photo!

LeighAnderson MTLDreamTeam4
© Leigh Anderson Photography

JTM:  What do you love most about Montreal/running a business in Montreal?

LEIGH:  Everything in Montreal is so colorful in fashion, culture, beauty, food etc. There never is a boring moment to capture!

JTM:  If you could do any type of photo-shoot, what would it  be?

LEIGH:  A few things I want to work on in the near future is: underwater photography, a very unique/DIY wedding and special FX!

JTM:  Where is your favorite place in Montreal?

LEIGH:  I would have to say the Lachine canal! The place is absolutely stunning. I just moved to Lachine and literally every evening this past summer was spent by the canal! It’s of course also a great place for photography!

JTM:  What are the best ways to contact you?

LEIGH:  I literally have my phone on me 24/7 for business purposes, so whether it is by phone, text, email or Facebook, you’re sure to get a reply within an hour!

Contact Information

Call/Text 514 951 8858

MTL DreamTeam:

Luxe Photobooth:

& Her NEWLY LAUNCHED Official Website :


I absolutely loved learning more about this great Montreal business and I can’t wait to experience their services for myself!  Thank you Leigh, for being such a treat to interview and for being part of what makes Montreal a city full of talented artists.


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