Copoli's NDG Location- Closing Its Doors

*This story has been updated!  They are moving next door- read more here!*

It feels like just yesterday I wrote about how much I love the Copoli Burgers at the Copoli Restaurant in NDG location.  Today, thanks to a friend posting an article by Coolopolis, I was informed that unfortunately, Copoli NDG will be closing its doors by the end of March.

Sure, there is another Copoli about ten minutes away in Westmount but I always loved the staff at this location.  Also, since it is right across the street from the Vendome Metro and train station, it was always super convenient.  Why are they closing?

According to Global News, Nader Zarkari, who has been running this iconic restaurant for 26 years, explains they will have to close and relocate due to disagreements with the landlords over business taxes.

He said they’re asking him to pay too much.

“I payed before $5,000, $6,000, $4,500 till now, what happened that’s changed?” he said.

A few years ago, Montreal got rid of its business tax, forcing landlords to assume the fees.

Landlords are supposed to pass on the cost by using a formula to calculate how much a commercial unit should pay.

Zarkari thinks his part is too high, so he and the landlord decided not to renew the lease […]



It is unfortunate to be losing this location, but Zarkari says it is not the end.  They will be opening their doors once again in a new location.  Hopefully it will be in the same area, but there are also rumors that Pointe St Charles may be their new home.

Guess we will have to wait and see!

Will you miss this NDG restaurant?



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