Jess Abran Relaunch of NAIVE

Jess Abran Naive

Jess Abran Relaunch of NAIVE Remastered with 2 New Tracks

You may recall an interview I did with Montreal’s Pirate, Jess Abran, discussing her collaboration with Morbin back in July.  Since then, she has been quite busy and has a lot of exciting work up her sleeve.

Along with putting together an amazing show featuring talented artists who are a constant source of inspiration and support, such as Voyce*, Sookz, The OM Sound, and several other special guests, she is also now relaunching “NAIVE”.

Abran explains that there are numerous reasons behind this relaunch.  One of the main factors is that she found herself in a place where every artist visits; a creative rut.  “Kinda like being stuck in a deep well but without that nice echo bouncing off the brick walls.”

The Original EP

The original EP was released in November 2012 and it was composed of: 2 Originals, 2 Collaborations and 2 Covers. It was never released on iTunes.  Since there were a couple of covers, Abran only charged fans a donation of their choice for the music.  A few years later, she found herself surrounded by a fiercely dedicated bunch from Toronto while she was experiencing a whole new creative environment & urban jungle.  Needless to say, it was inspiring.  This was followed by a phase in which old music she had produced was released as “singles” online.  It was merely a way of getting rid of the songs. It also gave her the illusion that she was “moving on” in a way.  However, with all of the emotional attachment tied to those tracks, it just did not feel right.

“These old songs… were a big part of my growing up, my upbringing, being a woman in this man dominating industry and once again… being ‘NAIVE’.. and learning from it.”  Therefore, it was decided that before Abran could move on to new ventures, she had to say goodbye to these old tracks in a way that gave them, and herself, the respect they deserve.

The Relaunch

While many albums tell a story throughout, the relaunch of NAIVE will not follow this trend. It will not have the same Mix or Mastering throughout.  It will consist of 7 Tracks, including one of my all time Jess Abran favorites, “Fallout”.  I could have it on repeat all day, it’s that good.  The NAIVE LP will be released January 29th and I can’t wait since Jess Abran and her music never disappoints.  For more information and to stay up to date on what this talented Montreal artist is up to, be sure to find her on Facebook here or her Official Website, here.

“It is a collage, a collage of me, a collage of my past, and I really love it. I’m confident that I can now close this chapter of my creative life and start the epic prologue to the next. I’m excited again and that’s the way a Pirate should be.”

To give you a taste of what is in store, here are samples from the original release of the NAIVE EP.

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