Copoli NDG UPDATE! They're moving next door!

Copoli's New Address

I have good news for those of you upset by the thought of Copoli’s NDG location closing!

While it is true that the restaurant will no longer be in that building, they are simply moving next door.


Nader Zarkari, who has run the NDG location for 26 years, contacted me and let me know that the building one door away, which holds Apollo’s driving school, will be Copoli’s temporary location.  Then, after construction is done, it will be signed over as the renewed Copoli.  They have until the end of March for the renovations to be completed and  will release the official new address once that is done.

So don’t worry everyone, Copoli’s will remain open in the area we know and love, so be sure to pay them a visit and let them know how thrilled you are to know that they are not closing!

For more information, you can find them on Facebook.




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