How To Be Single (2016) Movie Review

Synopsis:  Based on the novel by Liz Tuccillo, How To Be Single revolves around Alice, played by Dakota Johnson, who after a four year “college relationship” with her boyfriend Josh (Nicholas Braun), decides she needs a break from him to experience life on her own.  She moves to New York, starts a job as a paralegal and meets her party-loving, wild co-worker, Robin (Rebel Wilson).  Alice is guided through the new city, the new bars and new opportunities with her new friend, while her older Sister, played by Leslie Mann, starts a new journey of her own.  Alice, along with the other characters, may be in different stages in their lives but they are all going through a similar situation- dealing with being single.


Review:  To be completely honest, while I love Leslie Mann and I always hope to see the best from Rebel Wilson, this movie was a film that I would have waited to see online rather than spend money to see it in theatre.  Luckily, however, thanks to Cinema Montreal, I won two free passes to their advanced screening.  My boyfriend joined me, so for any ladies wondering if they should bring their man friend to see it or not, you can read what my boyfriend thought about the film a bit further on- so keep reading!

The film was better than I anticipated.  I was afraid it would be a complete chick flick that would make me roll my eyes and have me upset at how cliché it all came together, but for the most part, it didn’t get that reaction from me.  I laughed more than I thought I would and well, I…. I cried about 5 times.  There is a lot to the story that is not shown in the trailer and it makes the film more complete and have more depth.  Sure, there’s a lot about hooking up/one night stands, and there is also the expected “I don’t need a man and being single is super important in order to find yourself” empowerment but there are parts involving Damon Wayans Jr. (who I love) and Jake Lacey which surprised me.  I don’t want to spoil those scenes but they do bring more heart to the film, and yes, those are the scenes which made me cry.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie more than I thought, and there are definitely scenes every girl will relate to and either shake their heads in embarrassment/shame or nod because of how true to life some of the events can be.  The entire theatre roared with laughter at a few scenes, and at one point a woman actually started clapping.  I would give it a 3/5.  With Deadpool (I can’t wait!) and Zoolander 2 also opening this Friday, I don’t know how well this movie will do in comparison but if you want a fun movie to see with your girl friends, I would say, “Why not?” and go see this film.  *I have not read the book… any comments from those who HAVE read it?  Is it a recommendation or a novel to pass up?*

So, what did my boyfriend think?  He said it wasn’t bad.  He laughed out loud about twice and he thought the comedy was “okay”.  He did say that the trailer is misleading.  From what he told me, going into the film he thought it would mostly be more like… Sex and the City (my comparison, not his haha) with four girlfriends looking for love but really, it was mostly all about Alice and her story.  Therefore, while the trailer gives you a really good idea of the role Rebel Wilson has in the story, there is much more to it than you should assume.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, here it is, but I agree with my boyfriend when he says it is a tad misleading.

Are you going to go see it in the theatre or will you wait?  Let me know what you think of the film, and if you go see Deadpool or Zoolander 2, let me know your thoughts on those too (but no spoilers please)!

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As always, thank you for reading!


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