El Sabor De Mexico Restaurant

El Sabor de Mexico

El Sabor De Mexico Restaurant

Tonight before going to see Deadpool, we tried a new restaurant and since I have been craving Mexican food, we decided to try El Sabor De Mexico located on Wellington in Verdun.

We had made a reservation since I didn’t know how busy it would get right after work on a Friday night.  When we arrived, there was one other party of 6 people and by the time we left around an hour later, the room was beginning to fill up.  I have honestly never had “authentic” Mexican food before, so I didn’t know what to expect.

El Sabor de Mexico El Sabor de Mexico

We started off with the guacamole appetizer and it was some of the best guac we’ve ever had.  We did wish they had more tomatoes on top of it- but it really is so good that complaining about the amount of tomatoes would just be ridiculous.  My boyfriend ordered the Carne Asada and the steak was DELICIOUS.  It was cooked perfectly and I wish I had ordered it by the end of the meal.

I had ordered the Enchiladas Rojas since I had read other good reviews of it.    While it was good, I don’t think I would order it again.  I ate a third of the plate and took the rest to go.  Let’s just say, I would definitely try their fajitas or have the Carne Asada next time.

The staff is really polite, although they don’t seem to know how to speak English very well, which is not a bad thing, of course.  They are apologetic about only really speaking French or Spanish but we do live in Quebec right?  Yay for being multilingual!   The service is quick and the ambiance is really cozy.  You could tell that a few of the people were regulars and that this was a “go-to” restaurant for them.  It is especially perfect for those of  us who live in Verdun since it is so close-by.

Overall, we had a really nice time.  I think my boyfriend will be drooling over the steak until the next time we have one.  My taste buds have some adjusting to do, but I am very glad we tried a new restaurant.  It is worth a try for any Mexican food lover!

What are your favorite Mexican restaurants?  Any recommendations of places I NEED to try?

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