Zootopia (2016) Film Review

Ever since I first saw the preview for this movie, (and the scene with the DMV sloths made me die of laughter), I have been excited for Zootopia to be released.  I could not wait and I think I was more excited than the kiddo was to see it!  All I have heard is rave reviews and now I know why.

After being this excited to see it, did it meet my expectations?  Yes, yes and yes.  Disney, you have done it again.  Every Disney film includes a “life lesson”, has several important messages woven into the story line, and this one is no different.  While the younger children who watch the film may not understand the lessons about prejudice and accepting all races with a hint of what power politics have in society, they will learn the lesson that, overall, there is no reason why everyone can’t get along.  No matter what you look like, or which group you belong to, everyone deserves a chance.  Also, you can be ANYTHING you want to be.  There is nothing holding you back.  As Judy Hopps says, if you want to be an elephant when you’re older, be an elephant.

I will say, that the kiddo got a bit afraid at certain parts that are not shown in the previews.  While we see that the overall premise is a Bunny working alongside a Fox to solve a police investigation, the depth of the investigation is not shown.  The parts which scared him the most, were when we saw the animals who turned “savage”.  I can understand why it could seem scary to a 6 year old, but I did not expect a scene to make him jump 3 feet high in his seat.  To be fair, the Doll in Goosebumps also scared him, so really, it depends on the child and what you believe they can handle.  The parts that may seem a bit scary don’t last very long and I think the rest of the movie distracts most kids from focusing on the scary scenes.  I did overhear another group of kids saying the same scenes made them scared too, but then they continued on to sing the theme song for the film.

This is another Disney film that is great for people of all ages.  Whether you are a child, teenager or an adult, there are jokes and references that are sure to make you laugh.  I won’t give anything away but there is a scene where they make a perfect Walter & Jesse from Breaking Bad reference that had me laughing quite hard.

My favorite scene is still the part with the Sloths, but there is a great runner up scene that includes Tommy Chong’s voice for a very appropriate character, Yax.  I had no idea Tommy Chong was a part of the cast so that alone put a huge smile on my face.  It was a very nice surprise.

Overall, this is a great, family fun film that had myself, and every other adult and child laughing out loud.  It is worth seeing in the theatre because of how well done the animation is and the colors and artwork are simply beautiful.  I also found, that they mimicked the movement of the animals really well, i.e: the way the Otters move.  It was all really well done and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Have you seen it yet?  What did you think?  Comment below or find my on Facebook to leave your thoughts!

Haven’t heard of it yet?  Here’s the Official Trailer:



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