Dollar Store Pregnancy Tests vs Brand Name Tests

I remember when I was younger, passing by the pregnancy tests in Dollar Stores and almost snickering.  I would think “Yeah, right.  I wouldn’t trust those to give me the correct response, who are they trying to kid?”

Later on, I worked in a pharmacy and I was surrounded by Ovulation tests and pregnancy tests and they could go as high as $40- $50 dollars!   This of course, depended on how many tests the box included, if it showed the approximate date of conception etc.  Either way, Holy expensive!

That is why, when I first started to suspect that I was pregnant, I did some research online to see what people had to say about Dollar Store pregnancy tests before going out to buy one for myself.  Read my experience on the day that changed everything here.

They are absolutely fine to use to see if you are pregnant and the one I used cost only $3!

During my research, I found out that most Doctor’s Offices use the cheap tests, which are similar to the Dollar Store brands or even like the ones you can buy in bulk on Amazon.

Using cheaper alternatives is smart, especially if you have irregular cycles and don’t know 100% that you are late.  Maybe you’re just stressed, didn’t stick to a great diet recently or it could be several other factors which contribute to you being late.  No one wants to spend a hundred dollars on tests- so there is nothing wrong with using the more frugal option.  Be aware of the expiry date on the box, be sure to follow the instructions (it’s foolproof, but you can never be too careful) and breathe easy.  Some of them can be duds, show a negative result or show inconclusive results, but be patient (I know it’s hard to do) and try again in a few days if you feel like you know your body well enough to know something is up.

After I got my positive result, I kept the test in a Ziploc bag but I also felt the need to take a more official test, such as Clear Blue so I could see approximately how far along I was.  While these are more expensive, if you do your shopping right, you can find these $30 tests for half the price.  I did not end up buying one of these in the end, instead I spent the money on prenatal vitamins, and started stocking up on more fruits, veggies and lean protein.  Looking at all the things I can’t eat is a bit hard, but it will definitely make me eat healthier.  What a time to crave sushi…..

This will only be the beginning of my cravings.  I had heard of pregnancy cravings of course, but I never thought I would be one of the women wanting certain foods right away.  More on that topic to come!

Which tests did you use to verify your pregnancy suspicions?  How many tests did you take?  (I know a woman who took 15 in 2 days because she was in shock and didn’t believe it!)  Comment below or find me on Facebook to let me know and to follow more of my pregnancy stories!


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