First Trimester Symptoms and Thoughts Part II

Feb 23, 2016


8 week (approximate) update-  I took my first “bumpie” and sent it to my family, along with a photo of the announcement idea I have for when the time is right.  I am so excited to do that.

I am still freaking out a bit about whether or not everything is going okay, but I am constantly reminding myself to just ENJOY everything in the moment.  Cherish every second of it while I can.

As for symptoms, my lower back is KILLING me.  Not in the way PMS feels sometimes but it just feels very achey and like it is being pulled.  My spotting has almost completely stopped for now, and I am beginning to feel a bit more calm when it comes to that- as much as I can be that is.  Lower back pain (while normal) can also be a sign of miscarriage if occurring with cramps and bleeding.  Always check with your doctor if you feel like something isn’t right to be safe.  Google has saved my nerves several times so far during the pregnancy and I’m still in my first trimester.  While I obviously don’t trust everything I read on the internet, it is useful to compare your experiences with other ladies and see in general, what symptoms can mean.

You could become aware of some lower back pain from week 8 onwards. This may be something you’ve never experienced before your pregnancy. Back pain now is usually a result of pressure from your enlarged uterus on your lower spine. Back pain comes and goes throughout pregnancy and is influenced by the elevated levels of hormones.”

Phew. It sometimes helps you feel like things are going just as they should.

Other than that, I have been getting up to use the washroom more frequently but I am still having a hard time drinking water as much as I should.  Thank God for Lemon water but I need to push myself to have it more.  I had a craving for chocolate chip cookies that lasted a week and a half before I caved and finally got some- and boy, they were delicious.  I have also been getting headaches more frequently, which is also a normal symptom.  Thanks hormones.  I have cut out Soda almost entirely from my diet- I am worried about the sugar and the caffeine but I read that a drop in blood sugar levels can cause the headaches and a little jump start of pop can help.  I tried it yesterday and my headache was gone within half an hour.  I had thought juice would do the trick but when I tried having juice instead, it didn’t make a difference.  While I have never been a fan of coffee and I am no longer having my favorite tea due to caffeine (green tea, I miss you), I have been told that a daily max of 200 mg of caffeine is safe so I am limiting myself to only 1 glass of pop a day- only if and when it is necessary.  Once I am done the pop, I am drinking more water to get everything through my system.

Cravings- other than the chocolate chip cookies and really wanting chocolate ice cream (I hate ice cream, I never eat it, so I am still able to control THAT craving for now) I get the most random food cravings.  I was just sitting on my couch and out of nowhere last night, I smelled toast with peanut butter and jam and almost started drooling.  Had my roommate made it?  No.  No one in my vicinity made anything even close to resembling that but once the thought was in my head, I couldn’t get it out for a few hours.  The same thing happened tonight- I swear, it was like a waiter for an Arahova’s (Greek) Restaurant walked through my living room with a platter of tzatziki smelling food and now- guess what we’re having for dinner.  Thank you, boyfriend for putting up with these cravings.  I really did not expect to have any- oops.  If I ever get to the point of craving pickles like I hear is a common occurrence, then I know I’ll be in trouble- I haven’t had pickles in years.  I guess we will wait and see!

Feb 24, 2016

Very quick update,  Bathroom breaks- Oh my Gosh,  I can’t have one glass of water without going to the washroom before even finishing the glass.  Also, showers and body lotion, taking care of myself in general, has never felt this good.  I know it is early, but even though I can feel like complete crap about my appearance, not to mention physically sick too, I have also never felt so beautiful.  Oh and… I cracked… I succumbed to the chocolate ice cream cravings.  One tub has been lasting a good month or so though.  I’m not going crazy eating it.  I have overall cravings for tomatoes, salads, grilled chicken, fruits and chocolate.

March 1, 2016

Appetite Loss

Well, back pain came in like a ninja assassin this week.  I couldn’t bend down to reach things, I had to shimmy off the couch in a way that made me look absolutely ridiculous and overall, it was a really crummy experience.  The pain has passed for a couple of days now so I am extremely relieved about that but I am still exhausted 24/7.  As for eating, nothing tastes good and everything smells disgusting.  The only smell I really enjoyed for the first few seconds was the smell of diced garlic.  Enjoying that smell lasted for about an hour and then it continued to make me sick.  I have been a complete sloth lately.  I don’t want to do anything except stay curled up and watch my Law & Order SVU marathon, (1.5 seasons every day at this rate) and sleep.  My friends who message me ask how I have been, and what I have been up to and I have to say absolutely nothing.  They must think my life is really boring, and it is- but I think I’m allowed to enjoy this “boring-ness” that is now my everyday situation.  The SO is constantly asking me if I want to do something, or watch something and while I am glad he’s finally watching Friends from the beginning, (*Clap clap clap clap*) the thought of watching a comedy right now is just exhausting, like I don’t even want to have to laugh at a television show.  I am sorry I am not up for much, I really am.  I know he is getting irritated but car rides cause motion sickness, standing up for too long makes me queasy and insanely dizzy and I am overall, just not in the mood.  I have no energy and there is nothing that intrigues me enough to make me feeling extra sick, worth it.

To everyone reading, who may be exhausted because of their pregnancy- listen to your body.  REST when you need to.  Say no to things if you know you are not up for it and don’t feel guilty over it.  Everyone’s experiences with pregnancy are different so if you’re wondering how so and so is multi-tasking and being Super Woman while pregnant, stop comparing yourself to that person.  You’re growing a LIFE inside of you- there’s no wonder you’re tired!

I haven’t been able to get a good night’s sleep, sans nightmares for about a week and a half.  I have always loved dreaming, and even nightmares can be fun to have because of how creative our brains can be but a bit of balance is nice.  I really don’t want to just be remembering the bad dreams right now.  It doesn’t help me to wake up feeling like I have rested at all.  My Mom has always said to stop watching so many horror movies to I get a better sleep, and yes, Law & Order can chill you straight to the bone sometimes but the dreams aren’t because of that.  Even when I do watch a comedy instead, the only dreams I remember are the bad ones.  All except for one I had this afternoon right before I woke up from a tiny nap.  I was at my first Doctor’s appointment, and I met a really nice lady who went over all of the questions and before I knew it, I was having my first ultrasound.  I could see a healthy, growing baby and everything was going as it should.  I had the feeling it was a boy but she never got around to hinting at what sex it was before I woke up.  Just seeing that the baby was okay was enough for me to feel extremely relieved.  Let’s just hope that this was the baby’s way of telling me to stop stressing out, that everything is going as it should, even with me feeling this terrible and not being able to eat the way I want to.  Sigh- what do I have in the kitchen that won’t make me sick?  Excuse me while I go check.

Update, I did all of the dishes, which, although they had been rinsed, made my stomach churn and I gagged to the point of my stomach hurting.  I made a PB & J sandwich that tasted great… for four seconds.  I guess lemon water it is!

Weight? Down a few pounds at 107.6.  

I’m sorry Baby, I’m really trying to eat!  Help me out here!


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  1. I’m glad things seem to be going well for you dear. Now there’s a lot of old wives tales out there the one that always works for me is if you’re having a girl you’ll crave salty acid foods, I did that and if you’re having a boy you will crave sweets and I did that as well with all three boys, I totally hate ice cream but I can’t get enough of it when I’m pregnant now and I’m expecting a boy and I loved ice cream with my other two boys, weird as it is my hubby loves ice cream too! Must be a guy thing?

    1. I’m glad to see that the Old Wives Tales worked for someone! I will definitely keep it in mind. So far I go back and forth between craving salty foods AND sweets so maybe once I get further along it will become more one sided. Thank you for your lovely comments, I look forward to reading them every time I see that you have left one! 🙂

      1. Bless dear thank you. Well another old wives tale is that a higher heartbeat means it’s a girl, so I thought maybe it would be a girl for you but then the odd sudden craving for ice cream made me think boy. I know it will be a boy or a girl for you I’m certain 🙂 it will be a fun time for you.

          1. That’s lovely dear I’m excited for you, currently I’m expecting my 5th another boy and I’m in the last stretch now so I’m pretty excited to see him as he’s been dancing on my bladder nearly this entire pregnancy.

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