Exciting News While Waiting For Our First Ultrasound

March 15, 2016

Our First Ultrasound is just a few days away and I can’t wait!  There is no doubt that this week will go by quickly compared to waiting almost a month for our first appointment.  We have other news to be happy about too- we are now ENGAGED!  My SO, now fiancé (feels so nice to say that) has to wake up very early for work and on Sunday morning, we had woken up extra early and were just talking in bed, slowly waking up to start the day. He began telling me how much he loves me, and how he loves me even more for carrying our baby.  He would get quiet on and off, then chuckle to himself but wouldn’t explain why he was laughing.  Then, he said he wanted to do this where we had first met 8 years ago, but he was too excited and didn’t want to wait anymore and proposed.  I obviously said yes, and instead of crying like I had always imagine myself doing, I laughed.  It was simple, sweet and it was perfect. He went on to say that he had still been really nervous, even though he knew what my answer would be; it was cute. I never thought it was possible to have one of the best days of your life happen before  5 AM.  EngagedWe received over 200 well wishes and I want to say thank you to everyone who took the time to reach out to us- it really means a lot to us!  Little do my friends know, we’ll be announcing our pregnancy later on this week so they’ll have ANOTHER surprise to react to!  I can’t wait.

As for symptoms this week, I began to get more of an appetite but foods don’t taste the same to me right now.  However, apples, tomatoes, avocados and Peanut Butter & Jam sandwiches have been tasting AMAZING.  I am glad that most of my cravings are for healthier foods.  Yes, I could eat a pound of chocolate and sour cream & onion chips taste great now and then, but for the most part, I’m sticking to healthier options.  Speaking of, SunRype has a Fruit Plus Veggies & Fibre Peach Mango drink that I can’t get enough of.  It tastes amazing and I feel great drinking it.  More info here.  I am constantly craving cold cut subs though- which, unless I heat them up, I should not consume because of the risk of Listeria.  People have their own opinions when it comes to this, and every doctor gives different advice but I rather not knowingly take a chance that I may consume something that I shouldn’t.  A great article, written by a fellow blogger, I found on this topic can be found here.

I didn’t expect to, but I miss cooking quite a bit!  It has become a passion of mine, so I knew that I would miss it, but not to this extent.  I feel bad for the SO because out of the two of us, I’m the only one who cooks (unless you want to live off of bologna sandwiches, Kraft Dinner or Hot Dogs- all of which, I find disgusting).  I wanted to at least try making him dinner, so I made him a One Pot Ground Beef Stroganoff dish.  Simply slicing the mushrooms made me sick.  It churned my stomach to the point where I had to run to the washroom, mid-meal prep, about four times.  My streak of not actually throwing up came to an end this day.  I don’t want to give too many details, (sorry if this has been TMI already) but I don’t know which is worse- being queasy all day and wanting to get it all out so that feeling goes away or actually having it all come out.  When I get sick like that, my body overheats and I instantly get dizzy- so it’s not just a matter of throwing up, it’s also trying not to faint.  I think I will discuss this with my Doctor, not only for while I’m pregnant but for when I’m sick other times, just to see if there’s something I can do.  Needless to say, my SO enjoyed the meal but I certainly took no part in eating it.  Oh well.  Other than the food aversions, my symptoms come and go.  At times, I can feel my belly stretching and that causes discomfort.  Other times, my chest is extremely itchy but this is rare.  I have found that I am sneezing a lot more frequently and my nose makes me feel like I have a bit of a cold, which is all normal.

Even with all of the more “uncomfortable”symptoms, I would not change any of it for the world.  While I was being sick to my stomach, I said to the little one, “Please try to be a little more gentle to Mommy” but then I instantly felt guilty.  Many women have it much worse than I do so I definitely do not want to complain.  Even if this becomes one of the worst feelings I’ve ever had- it is all for this baby to grow so it is entirely worth it.  Grow Baby Grow!  Make me as sick as you need to if it means that you are growing and are healthy. <3



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  1. Thank you so much for the mention Joanna, I feel very honoured. A huge congratulations on becoming a Mumma-to-be, it’s so exciting! Can’t wait to follow your journey, and I’m very glad to hear you’re mostly feeling well in your pregnancy. And what an absolute sweet way for your man to propose, so beautiful 🙂

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