Huggies Rewards & the "Every Little Bottom" Program

I’m sure I’m not alone when it comes to this.  You discover that you are pregnant and after a million emotions subside a bit, you start doing research online… about everything.

I was curious about which sites offered coupons, and other rewards for items that are necessary throughout pregnancy & after childbirth.  One of the first things that come to mind are diapers.  There are several companies you can choose from, all with their own pros, cons and reward systems.  Most of them work in the same fashion; for every package of diapers you buy, a code is given to you that you can enter online to receive points.  These points in turn, can be redeemed for free items.

One of the “diaper providers”, the well known Huggies, offers this system.  However, something that I really appreciated about their system, is that just for registering with them, you instantly get 50 points AND they send you a free package of diapers. huggies-little-snugglers-32-count-diapers  It felt like I received mine in the mail very quickly.  My first package of diapers!  Wow, when did I start getting excited over diapers?  I doubt that will last long.  If you share the fact that you have registered with Huggies with your friends, and they register, you receive 5 points for each friend.

They also have a great program, called “Every Little Bottom”.  I have always been a fan of companies that give back to the community or those less fortunate.  What is this program?  As stated on the Huggies Official website:

“Imagine having to cut back on basic necessities such as food and shelter so your baby can have diapers. Huggies® created the Every Little Bottom program to help provide diapers to babies in need. Since the program’s beginning over 130 million diapers have been donated, and countless lives have been touched.

Imagine having to reuse soiled diapers? 1 in 20* American moms struggling with diaper need have cleaned out and reused wet or soiled diapers.

You can help prevent that by donating your Rewards Points to Every Little Bottom. For every 3 points you contribute, HUGGIES® Brand will donate one diaper to the Food Banks Canada. For a simple donation of 24 Rewards Points, you can diaper a baby in need for a day.



I love this program.  You can decide to accumulate your points to get Amazon Gift Cards, Starbucks Gift Cards, Babys Toys, Photo albums, Free Diapers, Magazine Subscriptions, Enter Sweepstakes to win more points, and more.  You can decide to donate all of your points to the Every Little Bottom program or send a few points their way whenever you can.  If you share the fact that you have donated points, they will donate even more diapers to those in need.

To Register, visit this link.

Which company’s diapers have you been purchasing and why?  Brand name diapers or do you find no name brands are just as good for a less expensive price?  Leave me comments below or find me on Facebook to share your thoughts and preferences!




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