Pregnancy & Beauty: New Regime, Safer Products… Is it really necessary?

Let’s face it, that “pregnancy glow” that you hear about is not always what us ladies are greeted with while we are carrying our little ones for 9 months.  The morning sickness, diet changes, insomnia, and of course, the hormonal changes we go through can all wreak havoc on our skin.  Sure, how we look is not our main priority during our pregnancies but we don’t just stop caring altogether either (some days anyway).

During a time when our bodies are going through so many changes,   we still want to feel good about ourselves and our appearance and if we pamper ourselves it is well deserved.  While pregnant, we change our diets to ensure that we are providing healthy nutrients to the human we are growing and we avoid harmful ingredients- do we need to do the same thing with the cosmetic products we are using?  Even before I found out I was expecting, I was trying not to use as many beauty products because of all the media attention surrounding the chemicals we put into our bodies because of these products.  Of course, with almost any modern day product (not just makeup) we are subjecting ourselves to numerous chemicals and ingredients that are not healthy for us but we think it is such a small amount, it won’t really do any harm.  We can’t all just live in a bubble to try and stay away from everyday pollutants. So is it really necessary to change your whole beauty regime while pregnant?  *I am in no way a professional, all thoughts and tips are what I have gathered from researching sites.  Please speak to your Doctor for any questions/concerns you may have.*

From what I found, it is completely up to you- if you want to avoid certain products, go for it.  If not, some doctors have said that the amount used and the duration the product is on the skin being absorbed is so minimal, it really would not have any effect on your child.  Personally, I stopped using all of my “anti-acne” medicated products, since it is recommended that any product containing salicylic acid should be avoided.  In general, I haven’t been using much makeup for the past while anyway, other than for special occasions, and I had been using products that were on the more “natural/organic” side of things.  Has my skin changed since I became pregnant?  A little bit.  I used to have minor breakouts right when PMS started, and it seems to be happening around the same time even while pregnant.  However, I am at the end of the first trimester now and it feels like my skin is starting to calm down and get a bit of the “glow”, finally.

Fruit of The Earth Cocoa Shea Body

A good diet and drinking a lot of water is always important and helps the skin stay healthy.  Other than that, I have started using Fruit of the Earth’s Cocoa & Shea Body Lotion (that I found was safe to use) that helps prevent stretch marks.  It’s great, you get 946 ml and it only costs about $7- more information here.  Although, I have read stretch marks can’t actually be prevented since they are more hereditary than anything- but who would complain about soft skin that smells good?  In the end, it doesn’t hurt to use it, right?  Even if I do end up getting stretch marks, they are something to be proud of, not be ashamed of- Tiger Stripes ladies!

For the women who are curious about other products that may be harmful, here is a great link I found concerning which ingredients to avoid.  Also, I came across a video taken from a segment of “The Mom Show” which I had completely forgotten about; I used to watch it all the time!  Here is a good 5 minute video with a Q & A with a doctor they consult with about beauty treatments like dyeing your hair etc.  Watch it here.

Did you change your beauty regime while pregnant?  Did it ever even cross your mind that it may be an issue?  What products did you LOVE to use while pregnant?  Share and when I do a future post on the best pregnancy products, I will give you a mention for being so kind and recommending us other ladies products!

Please let me know by commenting below- I find it really interesting to see everyone’s perspectives!

As always, thanks for reading!





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  1. I laughed when I saw you mention the “pregnancy glow” because my pregnancy glow was me sweating all the time!!! Haha. Anyways, when my belly was starting to grow and I noticed my boobs were getting bigger, I went and bought Palmers belly butter. I started using it on my belly and boobs, and I ended up being allergic to it. My whole chest and belly were bright red and itchy, and it was misery for a couple days. So I resorted to using 100% pure olive oil. I didn’t like being oily every day, but it was a good natural remedy. Of course, I still got stretch marks, but like you mentioned, stretch marks are usually hereditary. Drinking lots and lots of water will help to keep your skin hydrated as well.

    1. Oh no! The allergic reaction sounds terrible. As though your body doesn’t have ENOUGH going on while pregnant let’s add an allergic reaction. I’m sorry you went through that but I’m glad you found the solution of using olive oil- I keep hearing more and more ladies say that that is what they used, but I completely understand not wanting to feel oily every day too. Thank you for the comment! Every time I am told to use a product on a “test area” to make sure I don’t have a reaction to it I just ignore it but I may start being more careful after hearing about your experience, if only while I am pregnant. I am sitting here drinking a huge glass of ice cold water, so I’ll continue to do that too 😉 Thanks again and I hope you are doing well!

  2. Congratulations! 🙂 I did not have that “glow”, I’ll tell you that lol however, I did change my regime – i went “bare” and ended up using only olive oil on my face! And it was great (not to mention cheap too). Enjoy your last trimester!

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment! I have heard of many women using the “olive oil” method and I always thought that was interesting! I’m glad it worked well for you; I may have to try it at some point just to experiment.

  3. Yes, I had to change my beauty regime, I have an issue with breakouts and the only thing that will keep my face clear is Olay Regenerist, well that’s a big no no in pregnancy so thankfully I have had to deal with many breakouts but a couple here or there (you know the ones you get before a big gathering or pictures) other than that there’s not a whole lot else I have to nix other than not taking Ibuprofen during pregnancy especially in the 1st and last trimester as it can cause difficult in delivery and I’m not quite sure why I’ve read it a few different places and decided I don’t need to take it, I don’t take it a lot anyway so no loss there. As for makeup, I’ve worn it throughout all my pregnancies and it’s been fine so I’m still wearing it. That’s basically the few changes I’ve made. Oh and the obvious I can’t have any wine during pregnancy so I’ll have to wait until after. That’s no big deal but I have already planned that meal and given my hubby fair warning that he will be grilling fish and fresh veggies so I can have a glass of wine 🙂

    1. Thank you for commenting! Isn’t that always the way it works- the breakouts happen right at the worst times! And oh, while the thought of drinking any alcohol right now makes me feel instantly nauseous, I know that once I am able to have a glass of wine, it will be quite the indulgence!

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