& The Second Trimester Begins (Week 13)

Week 13

13 Weeks Pregnant

Women say that they start the second Trimester at different weeks; depending on how you’re calculating your pregnancy dates, (whether it is in weeks or in months) the second trimester will begin between week 12 & 14.  I decided to say week 13 will be the beginning of my second trimester (it’s in the middle, and it’s a week after the “safe” 12th week).  So, as of Monday, March 28th, Hello Trimester #2!

Now that I am up-to-date with all of my other pregnancy posts, everything you read will be what I’m going through as it happens and posted at the end of each week.  What has been new the past couple of weeks?  Well, my nausea is definitely easing up a bit.  I don’t feel the constant urge to be sick anymore and it now only comes in waves and usually just once or twice a day.  I find it happens the most often while I am cooking.  Yes, I have finally been able to cook again.  Nothing too amazing or anything, but at least I can work with raw chicken or fish and not want to be sick right away!  I do continue to feel dizzy quite often though and the worst I feel is after being over a hot stove.  Which is why, we have had more takeout than I’d like to admit lately- but I’m working on it!  I have read that it is normal and I make sure I sit down/get cool (overheating is a terrible feeling) or drink water/juice right away.  I have been trying to eat as healthy as possible and it’s not hard to do when all this baby seems to want is tomatoes, chicken and lettuce.  I also had a huge craving for salmon so I made baked salmon with roasted tomatoes, onions and garlic.  This baby seems to love garlic as much as I do so I am enjoying catering to what he/she seems to want to eat.  Recipes of the healthy meals I have made will be up soon.

I can’t get enough salad lately but that doesn’t mean I haven’t indulged in McDonald’s here or there.  I always try to get healthier options, no matter which restaurant we visit.  Sometimes a girl just needs a burger, you know?  Tim Hortons has been incredibly disappointing and I don’t think we will be eating there anymore.  I tried their chicken salad sandwich since I heard good reviews and it was pretty terrible (not to mention how overpriced it is).  The best meal I’ve had at a fast food restaurant has to be from A&W- I got their original burger and with the fresh lettuce and tomatoes, it was exactly what I needed.  The runner-up would have to be Subway with their grilled chicken and veggie salad.  I always get whatever I eat Roasted/Grilled to kill any bacteria, and if I feel like they didn’t do a good enough job, I pop it in my oven for a bit longer.  I haven’t been eating much junk food and the only sugar I have been craving is Chocolate Milkshakes (Hello Calcium) and Cadbury Mini Eggs  (Thank Goodness for Easter).  Overall, fresh fruit and veggies are wanted- I hear you loud and clear little one!

Pregnancy CartoonI am still not showing enough for other people to think “baby” and not “bloat” but the changes are noticeable to me and believe me, my tummy is feeling it.  While I don’t do it often, laying on my tummy is much different and it feels like it is constantly stretching.  It aches quite a bit so I usually have a warm shower or use a hot water bottle to ease those feelings but I know every ache and pain is worth it.

Other than that, I seem to slowly be getting my energy back which is nice.  I try to get to bed at a reasonable hour and I have been getting at least 9 hours of sleep each night.  I am having pretty bad dreams lately though.  A few nights ago, I got into a fight with people I went to High School with/worked with while we were all at an event being held at my CEGEP.  I then had a dream I was fighting in World War II and let’s just say, I didn’t last too long… I’ll leave out the gross details.

I’ve had several pregnancy related dreams too though.  Last night, I had a dream that my next Doctor’s appointment was at a clinic I used to go to when I was a young child and no one knew what to do with me.  I ended up just sitting on the floor near the reception desk until the entire clinic was cleared out and the nurse who was taking care of me said it was my fault for not being seen because they didn’t get my Medicare card- which I had given to them 10 hours before.  When they finally saw me and did an Ultrasound, they said, “Okay so you’re about.. 5 weeks along.”  I said no.. I’m at this point, I’m 13 weeks.  They argued with me, and said “Wow, this baby is big for being at 5 weeks.”   I said no- it’s a normal sized baby for being at 13 WEEKS!  I was frustrated and woke up feeling upset.  I always have at least one dream a night in which the baby is sending me a sign that he/she is okay though, thankfully.  For example, one of my “dream sessions”ended with being able to hug the baby gently during an ultrasound (I know that sounds gross but it’s hard to explain how beautiful it really is).  I think I feel good knowing that I am the one responsible for taking care of its health and safety during this time and once it is born there will be so much more danger surrounding it that I just want to enjoy holding it as long as possible.  That might sound strange but I can’t help how these hormones are making me think! 😉

Does anyone else have memorable dreams/nightmares from while they were pregnant?  Are you currently pregnant and going through the same thing now?  Let me know below!

We also told my SO’s son, my future stepson, about being a big brother.  We were going to wait to tell him after we knew the gender of the baby but that isn’t for another month (hopefully) and we were excited to tell him.  He smiled the entire time, talked about his cousin who is also a baby and when we asked him if he wants a brother or a sister, he said Brother (no surprise there) and that was that!  That was a week ago and he hasn’t mentioned it since.  He had talked to me about wanting a sibling several times, so I knew he would take the news well.  I just didn’t know how he would register that I will be the Mommy and all that entails.  I don’t speak of or write about my stepson-to-be often in my posts because I want to respect the privacy of him &  his Mother etc but he is a huge part of my life.  I’m sure it will become more real for him once he sees my belly get bigger, but at least now he can start to understand why I’ve been so tired for the past while!  On the same day, he found out that we will be moving and are looking for a new place to live, so it was a lot all at once for a six year old!  It was a big day but I am happy it all went smoothly.

Coming up next week: My second Doctor’s appointment, asking my Sister and my Brother-in-law to be the baby’s Godparents, telling my nieces & nephew they will have a new cousin, & the rest of the changes happening during Week 14 (my diet went a bit downhill)!  Stay tuned!

Much love,

JLA & Baby who is the size of a pea pod



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    1. Thanks so much!! And yes- DEFINITELY a pregnancy symptom. I spoke to my Dr about it today and she said it’s extremely common due to hormones but if it starts to greatly interfere with getting proper sleep, I can go on medication- which I won’t be doing- but it’s an option for women in general during pregnancy 🙂 Thanks for commenting!!!

  1. Congratulations on entering your second trimester 🙂 it’s always reassuring to get past those first twelve crucial weeks! I’ve done a blog post on the weird dreams I’ve been having while pregnant and they usually involve me facing scary/stressful situations, unfortunately they will become a staple of your pregnancy if it is anything like mine! Good to hear that you are craving healthy things as well, this little nugget is craving nothing but greasy, fattening, sugary food! Naughty foetus, hahah x

    1. I will definitely go read your post about your dreams! I thought they would only come later on but surprise! I think I spoke too soon about the healthy cravings… this week has been quite bad with greasy cravings. Oh well- balance right? 😉

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