Quick "Banksy Inspired" Thought of the Day


I absolutely love how art can be interpreted differently by different people. I love art by Banksy (although there is some debate about whether this is his work or not) and this piece has been described by many as portraying what it is like to be “lovesick”.  While I agree with this to an extent, the type of lovesick I think of is different; it makes me think of the pregnancy journey.

I love every second of being pregnant and whenever I do feel sick, all I can think of is how much love I have for this little one.  To me, this picture says, I am pregnant, I am already in love with this little one, there’s just too much love and my body can’t contain it all.  Even if this ends up being solely a Banksy inspired piece, I love how the word “danke”- thank  is written on the wall next to the woman and it definitely adds to the artwork for me.  I say “thank you” every day.  Not only because I am thrilled that I will be a Mommy, but to be able to experience pregnancy in the first place.

No, pregnancy isn’t always about glowing and having a cute bump- there are aches and pains I have never felt before, dizziness and nausea I could live without; the list goes on.  Last night for example, my stomach was doing some crazy stretching.  I could feel the pulling and the feeling went up not only on the sides of my stomach, but up to my shoulders and neck.  It hurt and even a warm shower didn’t help ease the sensations.  These feelings eventually went away if I laid on my left side but it was the most achy I have felt yet.  Then I saw this picture.  I felt like it was a sign-  no matter what I felt,  I still wouldn’t trade any of the “bad” moments for anything. There are so many women who struggle to experience this, or who are unable to get pregnant and while none of these women wish to have a pity party held for them, I feel for them and all I can do is respectfully offer whatever support I can.  All this to say, that this pregnancy is not something I am taking for granted.  It’s amazing how one piece of art can evoke so many emotions.

I hope this post finds you all well,


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