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Let me first say, that I am not one of the women in the world who necessarily enjoys shopping.  Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion and I often wish that I had a better fashion sense but the act of actually shopping and dealing with other shoppers/salespeople is not what I would describe as a “fun time”.  With that being said, I just had the BEST shopping trip I have ever had.  *Note, this post consists solely of my opinions and is not being endorsed by Thyme or any other company.*

My Sister has shopped at Thyme Maternity for all of her clothing needs throughout her pregnancies with her 3 children .  This is why, when I received Gift Cards for Thyme (Thank You to my family members for their generosity), I knew I would need the help of my Sister for my shopping trip.  I could not wait to share this experience with her and it really was such a special day.  We met at the Thyme Maternity store in the Pointe-Claire Complex (Find your nearest Thyme store here) at 10 AM and she had my nieces in tow!  As soon as we walked into the store, I felt overwhelmed.  Yes, the clothing was all VERY pretty and looked really cute but there was so much of it!  I didn’t know where to start!  That’s why I started with the one thing I knew I could do.

Thyme Maternity ID Free Bag2
Thyme Maternity Free Goodie Bag

I asked the woman working about my Free Thyme Bag.  When you sign up for a Thyme ID online (do so here) you receive a Free Bag full of Goodies.  You also get more promotions sent to you online (not an annoying “spam”amount though) and you can win prizes.  If you don’t have a store near you, you can request for the bag to be sent to you in the mail which will take 2-3 weeks.  I got mine in-store; and it included:

A Philips Avent Baby Bottle

Marcelle Stretch Mark Cream Sample

Maternity Fashion Magazine

Breast Feeding Help Booklet

Along with Coupons for:

Babies R Us, Canon, Philips Avent Products, Thyme Maternity and RW & Co.  As seen here:

Thyme Maternity ID Free Bag
Over $425 in Savings!


Every little bit helps so this is a really nice gesture!  Once I got the bag, my Sister asked  what items were my main priorities to purchase at that time.  My response was bras, bras, bras.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, my once small chest has changed quite quickly and I had no idea what size of bra I needed now.  Since bras are so expensive however, I did not want to buy something that would fit for a little while and then have me outgrow it all over again.  I wanted to stretch my funds as much as I could so I wanted a bra that would grow with me.  Luckily, Thyme had a sale where if you bought one bra, you got a second at 30% off.  They already had quite a few great bras in their discount section, but they were not exactly the style I was looking for so I bought two at the retail price of $45 (30% off sale not included).  The woman working was amazing and made me feel very comfortable as she came to check on me and help me with my size.  If you can believe it, I had gone from a 32B to a 38B since I became pregnant and I’m only 4 months in!  Overall, I am very thankful that she helped me figure out a size because I am MUCH more comfortable now- getting the right bra is so important.  I will be able to wear these for the rest of my pregnancy since starting out, you should always use the tightest clasp and work your way out.  Once I get to the last clasp and I still need more room, they have extensions that are only $8- better than paying for a whole new bra, right?

The rest of the time, I tried on pants & tops that would be appropriate for the warmer weather that is to come but also clothes that will be good for cooler Fall months and Nursing shirts for once the baby is born.  The most surreal part of it all, was putting on the fake 6 month belly they have (so useful) to make sure the clothes will still be comfortable once my bump gets bigger.  I cried the instant I saw myself with such a large belly- not because of future weight gain but because I was so happy.  As for the sizes, Thyme has everyone covered.  I needed an XXS sized pant, so they were able to help me there but they had sizes fit for everyone.  It really is amazing.

I bought a pair jeans since I pretty much live in denim and I got a pair with the belly band built in. *Fitting tip when trying on pants, make a fist with one of your hands and put your arm down the side of your pants- there should be enough room on the side for your arm to fit comfortably.*  I have been lucky so far that my pants have been stretching with me, but that won’t last for much longer and a pair of jeans is a staple fashion item to own.  I also got a pair of black leggings that also had the belly band, which are super comfortable.  The rest of my purchases include a tank top, nursing tops in small and medium for when I am bigger, a shirt with ribbing on the sides that can be worn 2 ways (scoop neck & v-neck), a beautiful black 3/4 sleeve top/dress that makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn and a really cute polka dot top that will look adorable with the leggings.  Maternity clothing is quite expensive but Thyme has amazing prices and GREAT sales.  For example, they had a sale the day I was shopping where if you spent $80 before tax, you were given a $50 coupon off for the next month!  Be sure to check out their website often too- their online sales are amazing.

I will be showing off the items in future “Outfit of the Day”posts starting tomorrow so stay tuned!  For now, below is a slide show of photos taken from this experience but first,  I must say a huge “Thank You”to the staff at Thyme, you were so lovely and helpful.  It was the first time I did not get irritated by salespeople.  I could tell you sincerely just wanted to help and it was not just because you “have to”.  The woman even took group pictures for us; it was all just an amazing experience.

Also, I must say an even BIGGER “Thank You” to my Sister, Monica for coming with me.  Without her there, I would have bought items that, while cute, are super impractical.  I would have been lost as to what I needed for now and for when the baby is born- I really could not have done such a successful trip without you.  Having the kiddos there was also incredibly special- I am about to tear up just thinking about it.

Alright, enough emotional pregnant lady talk- here is the slideshow!  Be sure to find my page on Facebook or follow me on Instagram to stay up to date with more Maternity Fashion and Mommy to Be tips along with my usual recipes & reviews!  Promo codes & hopefully a giveaway will be done in the future so keep your eyes peeled.

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  1. That sounds like an amazing day – wish we had one of those in the UK! Great to get so much in one trip 🙂 Your sister’s children are so cute! X

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