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Montreal weather is starting to heat up (finally!) so we spent some time at the park to enjoy the sunshine.  Knowing there was a high chance I would be playing with my stepson around the jungle gyms and doing more activity than I am used to, I thought it was a good day to wear the new maternity clothes I got.  I already told you all about my first time maternity clothes shopping (read here if you missed it) but I didn’t show you the pieces I got.  Hence, a new post category of Maternity OOTD (Outfit of the Day).

Maternity OOTD1
At the park, 15 weeks 6 days!  


  • Striped 2 in 1 Tank Top:  You can wear it as a scoop neck, or turn it around and wear it as a v-neck.  There is ribbing on the sides to give you room for your growing bump.  It is incredibly comfortable.  (Regular price $32, Bought on SALE for $24.99 at Thyme Maternity- More Tops here)
  • Maternity Jeans:  Skinny Jeans (mine are size XS but they are offered in a wide range of sizes) that have an insanely comfortable belly band built in.  I don’t know how I am not going to wear these every single day.  They are so cozy and I feel great in them.  The band gave me support while playing and walking.  I know my bump isn’t that noticeable to the public yet- but it already feels like such a big difference to me and my body feels a big change happening.($55 at Thyme Maternity- More Jeans here)
  • Jacket (Forever 21) and Shoes (Walmart) are previous purchases

Both the top and the jeans are very stretchy and offer a lot of room for my belly to grow, so while maternity clothes can be higher priced, these items are worth the price tags and will last my entire pregnancy.

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  1. Great job!! I really love how you picked these items. At first I tought those are regular jeans, but on a closer look I have noticed they are maternity jeans! <3 Your bump is perfect for the 15th week. Can't wait to see your maternity outfit on your 36th week! 😉

    1. Thank you so much! These clothes are definitely helping me believe that it’s finally summer here! It’s a bit weird to see my bump in pictures! It looks so tiny compared to how it feels and looks to me; but those jeans really help bring it in and feel secure because of the band, that’s for sure! Thank you so much for commenting! <3

    1. Brisa, that is so nice of you- thank you so much! I’m sorry it was such a struggle for you! I am loving your site. I am currently reading the post about opinions/advice and I can completely relate and I’m only 4 months pregnant. Can’t wait to keep reading! Hope you’re doing well!

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