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When I first discovered that I was pregnant, I looked up different sites that offered product samples.  Whether it was for diapers, formula, toys- the list was endless of things I wanted to try and test before the baby arrived.  If I was able to get perks for trying out the products or signing up for loyalty programs, then it was definitely a bonus.  One of the programs I signed up with, was Similac Club.  By signing up (it takes two seconds), you get over $120 worth of free gifts.  Their site, is full of great information concerning your baby’s development, products they offer and special deals.

Similac MomAbout a week ago, I received my first gift in the mail.  It included a letter discussing the program, welcoming me to the club, a booklet full of information about the benefits of adding Similac Mom to your diet, and a cheque for $10 off a Similac Mom product.  I finally went to the store yesterday and redeemed my cheque, and was able to buy a 6 Pack of the Chocolate Flavored Similac Mom Meal Replacement drink basically, for free.  I paid $2.99 for the price difference, but if you shop around or even buy the product online- you can get it completely for free.  I was too excited to try it so I really didn’t mind paying the three dollars.

A few years back, before I started eating well, I used to love having a Boost drink here and there to help me get through the day.  This drink tastes exactly like Boost, if not better.  It is absolutely delicious and you feel great drinking it knowing it is full of so many vitamins and minerals that are healthy for you and your growing baby.  Here is a chart of the nutritional facts for the Similac drink.  Keep in mind, you need to have a balanced and healthy diet too- you can’t rely solely on these drinks to give you all the nutrients you need.  However, for the days when morning sickness might not be giving you an easy time and you don’t feel like eating anything at all, this is a great alternative.

Similac Mom EN Nutritional Values-page-001


I know there is always a lot of sugar in almost anything you drink so if you are concerned about the amount in these drinks, or any other ingredients- be sure to speak with your doctor before beginning to add them to your diet.

Similac Mom2

While I don’t plan on purchasing these  on a weekly basis but more for times when I know I’m not getting enough nutrients, I absolutely love the drink and am so happy I signed up to be part of the Similac Club.  I can’t wait to see what other goodies I get!


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  1. Don’t know if you’ve already signed up with them, but if not, you might wanna check out the Nestle Mom Club. My friend signed up with them and got a bunch of goodie including baby formula and a really nice, sturdy baby bag!

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