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As you may or may not know, June is Men’s Health Month!  While we also have Father’s Day in June, (which you may or may not celebrate), there’s no question that the month of June brings a lot of focus to the men in our lives.  Since I am pregnant with a baby  boy, I am constantly thinking about who he will grow up to be and how I can ensure that he stays happy and healthy so with June passing by as quickly as it is, I could not think of a better time to discuss Men’s Health.


My Dad has always been active and while my Sister and I were growing up, he made sure that we were a part of it all.  Whether it was our hikes in New Hampshire (pictured above), our walks along the beaches of Cape Cod, skiing or skating during our Montreal winters or playing soccer/ ball hockey/basketball/golf during the summer days- he always made sure we got enough time to enjoy the outdoors and get our exercise.  A snack that I always remember us having was trail mix.  With nuts, dried fruit, seeds and yes, a few pieces of yummy M&Ms, trail mix was always the perfect snack to have to enjoy during any excursion.  Thanks to and with the help of their Registered Dietitians, including Molly Morgan, not only do they offer Healthy Living Tips as seen below, but their site also offers a ton of healthy recipes which I can’t wait to try (hey, the food is for everyone, not just the men, right?).


Being the movie lover I am, I was instantly thrilled to see the recipes they have to offer to replace the high calorie, salt and saturated fat filled candy and popcorn options that are offered to you at the cinemas.  This portion of recipes is only one of many when it comes to healthy snack options options offered by; they also have high protein snacks which offer the healthy protein needed to keep you healthy and strong.  Getting an adequate amount of healthy protein is important for everyone and I know that from my time spent being a vegetarian, it’s great to be creative with how you supply your body with these nutrients.  This is why I was happy to see that many of their high protein snacks offer great vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free options.

From Coffee & Tea to Chocolates and Sweets, they offer such a variety of recipes, health products and cooking/baking ingredients, that I could probably spend a few days looking at their site; there’s so much information!

Since becoming pregnant and getting my blood pressure checked at every appointment, I have become more interested in finding out more information on how you  can help promote a healthy Blood Pressure level.  Having high blood pressure seems to effect many men (and women) and it is important to do what you can to keep your level within a healthy range.  Why?  “Elevated blood pressure is harmful to the body because it causes the heart to work harder than normal, leaving both the heart and arteries more prone to injury. High blood pressure also increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, damage to the eyes, kidney failure, atherosclerosis and congestive heart failure.”  More information can be found on the Official Heart & Stroke Website.

Of course, you should seek medical advice when dealing with high blood pressure as you would with any medical issue, but you should also take a look at your diet to see what changes can be made to help the issue.  While on, I searched for “Blood Pressure” and 72 different results popped up- all showing different foods and snacks you can consume to help you reach a healthy blood pressure level- how helpful!  I have saved a few recipes from their site that I will be making, which I will post as I go along.  Yes, some are catered toward pregnant ladies but they are all suitable for women, children AND men like the Quinoa Veggie Wrap or Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad…which I think I will go make right now.  Follow me and stay tuned for the recipes I make and be sure to visit to find recipes you would like to try which cater to your own personal health needs.

Are you a fan of and have you ordered from them before?  Let me know and if you try any of their recipes, be sure to tell me which ones or tag me on Instagram/Twitter with #joannathemontrealer.  If you would like to contact directly, you can do so by finding their social media pages and contact info here.

Happy Men’s Health Month to all of you wonderful guys out there and ladies, let’s help the men in our lives be as healthy as they can be by encouraging healthy lifestyles and food choices!  Time for me to start cooking…..



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