28 Week Bumpdate- Moving Fun & More

Ouf- it is hot and humid in Montreal today!  I have been meaning to do an update for awhile now but things have been a bit busy.  It has been a few weeks since I last posted and that is because we are finally done with our move!

With the help of a few of our friends and family members, we moved from our apartment in Verdun which we had been sharing with my brother-in-laws to our own apartment in Dorval.  I really need to say thank you to everyone who helped us move and everyone who helped us get settled.  I did as much of the packing as possible but I made sure I was careful with any lifting- my SO, our friends… they really did all of the hard, manual work and I can’t thank them enough.

Throughout the week, our apartment has been painted, our kitchen was deep cleaned while we were moving in, all the minor repairs have been dealt with and overall, we are absolutely overjoyed in our new home.  With every room we fixed up, every piece of furniture we moved, all I could think of was how this is where we are bringing Liam home. I have been able to start nesting like I have wanted to for months now and it feels amazing. I will eventually do a post dedicated to the new place along with any DIY projects I do while here.  We have a huge balcony so I am excited to do some planting… eventually.

28 Weeks

As for Baby Updates, where did I last leave off?  I believe I had just done my Glucose Test.  Since then, I had another appointment and the results showed no signs of Gestational Diabetes.  I was thrilled that I would not have to do the test again.  Even though it wasn’t that bad, it is nice to not have to spend time retaking the test.  When I told my Dr the test wasn’t anything near as horrible as I thought, she told me that she had a few cases in which the woman was allergic to the dye in the liquid, and all they made her do was eat 23 Jelly Beans.  That’s it!  23 Jelly Beans is the equivalent to the Glucose Test.  I had no idea.  I joked and said “Heck, that’s just a Friday night for me!”

The rest of the appointment went very smoothly.  My bump is measuring right on track and his heartbeat sounds as strong as ever.  My Dr said she had to “cheat” and she put the doppler so it went through my placenta in order to hear his heart better.  He was kicking and moving around too much to simply go over where he was “resting”.  She also tried to see what position he was in.  It took her two seconds of gently pushing on my tummy before she said “Oh!  There’s his head!  His head is already in the down position.”  Overall, she said everything looks amazing and I will see her next will be in the beginning of August.

When it comes to how I, myself am feeling- there have definitely been changes.  A comfortable, undisturbed night of peaceful sleep is basically impossible.  I have my body pillow which has helped, but simply switching sides has been causing quite a bit of pain.  It hurts an insane amount right below my belly, around where my leg joins my torso.  Even standing up, or walking causes this pain, which I am quite sure is only RLP but boy it hurts.  Other than that though, I really cannot complain.  Today marked a milestone for my own personal weight journey.  I now weigh 131.6 lbs.  I have never weighed over about 125- so this is new for me and I am thrilled about it.  In the first trimester, I had lost a lot of weight and went down to 107 lbs and was unsure about how much weight I would gain and if it would be enough for Liam.  The fact that I am gaining this weight has therefore made me thrilled.  Grow Baby Grow!

Liam and I have been listening to music every now and then (videos and photos can be found on my Instagram!). I have been on the search for a song I won’t get tired of hearing numerous times for me to play often while he’s still in the womb and for me to play to help calm him down for once he is born.  I didn’t want it to be a usual lullaby/children’s song but I couldn’t think of better options so we just started to listen to everything.  Dallas Green, Marvin Gaye, Rod Stewart and there is was.. “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You”.  I cried my eyes out each time I played it and Liam gave me a mixture of happy kicks and at times, what felt like soothing hugs/squeezes to help calm my tears.  I don’t know if that will be his song 100% yet, but the lyrics fit perfectly and he really enjoyed it so it’s the front runner for now.

Time is going by so quickly, I can’t believe I will be 29 weeks on Monday.. it is honestly mind boggling.

Pippit often finds herself on my lap, cuddling and purring to Liam to which he replies with kicks.  I will definitely miss this.

Thanks for reading and as always, there will be more updates to come!

Much Love,

Mommy & Liam


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  1. Hey Joanna!! I have been SO MIA the past few weeks but I wanted to let you know you’ve been on my mind as I’ve wondered how your pregnancy is progressing! 🙂 Happy to finally head to your blog and read this great update. I had such a similar experience (weight gain, pain moving side to side in bed, and the groin pain!). Can’t wait to keep reading.. I just hit 39 weeks TODAY and am in the final few days of pregnancy. It has been so great and so overwhelming with all the emotions of the place I’m in but I really cannot wait to meet my daughter. She can arrive any moment now.

    I didn’t end up picking a specific song for her but luckily I did listen to a few of my favorite mediation/worship songs over and over the whole pregnancy, which I’m sure she will recognize and enjoy. Have you picked a song yet? Love your bump pic! I’ve gained 40 lbs. Isn’t that nuts? Belly is huge to me but most people still comment that I’m tiny to be full term. I’ve loved getting to know my body in a new way, even through the aches and pains.

    Wishing you all the best!


    1. Molly! Hello! It is SO nice to hear from you. Thank you so much for checking in; it’s so sweet of you. 39 Weeks- WOW! Congratulations!! The next time we speak, you will most likely have your little girl in your arms; I am so excited for you. I have not decided on an official song yet, but he has really enjoyed Rod Stewart’s “Have I Told You Lately (That I Love You)” and so that may be “his song”. We will see if another one is added to the playlist, but for now that is our best bet.
      I am so thrilled to hear from you and to hear you’re doing so well! I wish you all the best on the delivery of your little one and I can’t wait to meet her! Much love and best wishes always,

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