NH Vacation Meals: Quick Bites

Vacation Quick Bites

Almost every vacation and road trip includes eating at a pit stop along the way.  While we highly enjoyed the sandwiches that were packed for the drive to the border on our way to New Hampshire, we also enjoyed a few bites during the driving breaks we had while stretching our legs.  Fast food dinners are almost always part of a trip too- so for this post, I will be reviewing a couple of the restaurants we tried along the way.  Stay tuned for future posts about the sit down restaurants we enjoyed too (I’m drooling just thinking about some of the food we had during this trip).

Tim Horton’s
2911, Chemin Milletta
Magog, QC J1X 0R4

We stopped here quickly on our way to New Hampshire to stretch our legs.  As you can see in the picture below, I was excited to have a doughnut and they had quite the variety to choose from.  I had the Sprinkle covered Vanilla Glazed one and it was exactly what I wanted. The doughnuts were fresh and delicious. They got 2/3 doughnuts wrong, but it was an honest mistake, (they gave us the Maple Cream ones instead of the Boston Cream) but they were quickly eaten anyway and a second round was purchased 😉 There are other restaurants surrounding the Tim Horton’s but overall, the building is very clean and so are the grounds. There is a small playground for children outside, along with nice tables with umbrellas for sunny days. The washroom facilities are nice and clean, and there is a gas station nearby. Overall, a very good pit stop!

Dairy Queen
1561 White Mountain Hwy
North Conway, NH 03860
United States

Open 11AM to 9:30PM

I have never had an actual meal at a DQ before which was why going here for dinner was quite fun! While we always enjoyed their desserts, I didn’t know what their burgers would be like. Our order included the fries, mushroom swiss burgers, bacon cheese burgers, strawberry sundae, chocolate sundae, the Turtle Pecan Cluster Blizzard Treat and the Triple Chocolate Brownie. Overall, the burgers were good. While the mushroom swiss burgers seemed to lack a good amount of mushrooms, the bacon in the bacon cheese burgers was cooked well. It is pretty much what you would expect from a fast food joint. The winner for the desserts was definitely the Triple Chocolate Brownie (and it’s not just because I am the one who ate it). It was absolutely delicious. The brownie was warm, FULL of chocolate and the soft serve vanilla ice cream was the perfect accompaniment. The sundaes were your average DQ sundaes, which are delicious but nothing new to write about. As for the Blizzard, well- the consistency of the ice cream is not what you would expect. You know how they have to tip it upside down to prove that it won’t spill out all over the place and if it DOES then they owe you a free Blizzard? Well, they did what I would call a “half tilt” for about 3 seconds before quickly putting it back down. If it had been done properly, some ice cream would definitely have fallen out. When it came to the taste, the name of it was misleading. When you think of Turtles, you think of the caramel too but there was no caramel in the blizzard and overall, it was disappointing. The recipient of the blizzard wished they had ordered the Triple Chocolate Brownie, that’s for sure! The restaurant itself was clean, but we are glad we sat outside and had the perfect weather. Yes, they serve ice cream, ice cream cakes etc and air conditioning is welcomed during hot weather but we were FREEZING inside. We definitely did not want to stay inside for long.

Leavitt’s Country Bakery
564 White Mountain Hwy

Open 4AM to 5PM

When you enter Leavitt’s Bakery, you can tell that it is a local’s favorite place. While you look at the assortment of yummy items you can purchase, locals come in and out- either getting their “regulars” or trying a new special. We saw an ad in the paper for their lemon filled pastries and with a previous good experience of shopping here, it was a good chance to pay them a visit. It is quite small, and with it seeming to be very popular, you have to watch to make sure you don’t get nudged by the door. It is open very early (4 AM) so many people go to get their morning coffees here, but is got quite busy while we were making our lemon pastry selection. We tried the lemon filled doughnuts and the lemon square pastries. The doughnuts were more what we were expecting and were delicious. The lemon pastries were also good but had more dough and less filling than desired. Their chocolate chip cookies looked delicious and would be the next thing I tried. They also offer several beverages to help you wash the yummy pastries down! If you’re ever in the area though, you definitely need to try this local’s favorite bakery!



A spot that almost made this list was the White Mountain Cupcakery (yes, they were the ones seen on Cupcake Wars!) but I will be writing a post devoted solely to them instead, so stay tuned!  P.S. they were some of the best cupcakes we’ve ever purchased, so you don’t want to miss it.

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