Muddy Moose Restaurant

After a delicious breakfast at Banners, we continued our streak of delicious food by eating dinner at Muddy Moose Resto & Pub- honestly, the best quesadillas I’ve ever had.

Muddy Moose Restaurant & Pub
2344 White Mountain Hwy
North Conway, NH 03860
United States

If you were to tell me that I was going to find the best chicken quesadillas I’ve ever had at THIS restaurant, I would not have believed you but it’s true- they are delicious.  My family has been going to Forest Glen Inn, which is right down the street from Muddy Moose for years and the Muddy Moose sign outside was always the marker to tell us we had arrived at Artist Falls Rd and it was time to turn but we had never eaten a meal here before.  We are SO glad we finally tried it during this trip.  The parking lot is always packed and you can almost always see families waiting on the grass outside for their name to be called; it is a very popular spot and I can definitely see why (we have come here twice in one week because it is so good).

The decor is beautiful and everything is very clean.  The service was amazing.  Our waiter, Brian, was VERY nice and when we didn’t have him for our second visit, it was a bit disappointing but everyone who works there is very kind.  The noise level is a bit above average because it is quite the family friendly location but that does not stop you from enjoying a meal with your significant other, or perhaps drinks at their bar.  You can also sit outside if the weather is nice!

I ordered the Wild Chicken Quesadilla Appetizer for $9.95 and I was a bit worried about the portion size before the plate was put in front of me.  It is definitely a large enough portion to have for a meal.  Quesadillas can always be disappointing- they can be super thin with barely any chicken or other fillings but these ones were PACKED with chicken and cheese.  The salsa was also so fresh that every time I took a bit, people could smell the ingredients.  I love Mexican food and even Mexican restaurants have not had quesadillas this good; I had them both times we dined here.

The Mountain Climber’s Steak Sandwiches ($10.95) were also a hit… the first time we went.  They consist of  grilled steak tips, onions, mushrooms, Jack & cheddar cheese, served on a hot roll.  I was told they were amazing steak “subs” that are similar to philly cheese steak sandwiches and that they could be ordered again and again.  This is why, they were ordered again the second time we went but as you can see in the photos below, there was a quite a difference.  There was something different about the beef, they were not stuffed as well- it was more like each ingredient had a section of the roll rather than being mixed together and were overall, a bit disappointing but they still tasted good!  The Kancamagus sandwich for $10.45 (pastrami, swiss cheese, poppy seed dressing and more on rye bread) was also good and so was The Buccaneer sandwich for $8.95 (grilled chicken, “Bermuda” onion, BBQ sauce, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce on a roll).  The onion rings were also good, but one of them was more like an onion ring puck that had raw batter in the middle- mistakes happen though!

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Just writing this had made me wishing we had one of these restaurants in Montreal and I am absolutely craving the quesadillas again.  Highly recommended for the delicious food, great service and the amazing prices.


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