Pantene Airspray Review- Lightweight Hairspray

Pantene Airspray Review

I’ll admit, the only time I use hairspray is if I have a special event to go to and I need to keep my normally straight hair in a curled ‘do for the day.  Even then, all of the products I have used had that strong alcohol smell that made it unpleasant to use.  You almost don’t want to breathe while spraying it, it’s that strong.  Most of the time, your hair would get a stiff, sticky texture to it- so sure, your hair may look good, but you would not want anyone to touch it.  This is why, when BzzAgent sent me Pantene’s Airpsray to try for free, I was extremely excited.

“Pantene Airspray in an ultra-lightweight hairspray with Pro-V moisturizing formula that gives you strong yet flexible and brushable hold without ethanol, so you can enjoy limitless styling and silky soft hair full of body and bounce — all without stickiness, stiffness or strong alcohol smell.”

Since I am pregnant, I am even more concerned about what is in the products I use so before buying products, I look up what ingredients are used and knowing there is no ethanol in this airspray made it easier for me to use.  When I spoke about it to my friends, many of them had the same concerns as me- what is in the products they use and how safe is it?  It seems like more and more people want to use more natural ingredients.  How did it hold my hairstyle and what were my thoughts?

Well, when I initially sprayed it and felt my hair, it felt sticky so I was a bit nervous about the overall outcome.  However, I brushed my hair to help it get applied evenly and within seconds, that sticky texture was gone.  As for the scent that I am so used to smelling while using hairspray- it was non-existent!  Yes, there is a smell but it is not the strong alcohol smell that can make people choke.

Pantene AirsprayAs you can see in the photo, I didn’t use it on my hair while it was styled with curls, but on my freshly blow dried hair.  I was on my way out to my 36 week prenatal appointment but I chose a good day to test it since it was SO humid today!  My hair usually puffs up when it gets this humid and I end up putting it up in a pony tail.  Not today.  Even after walking and making the commute home from my appointment and errands, my hair looked just like it did as I left.  For these reasons, I give Pantene’s Airspray a rating of “highly recommended”.

When I do curl my hair the next time, I will definitely be using this hairspray to keep the style in place.  I’ll keep you updated on the outcome then too so keep checking back for more updates and even more product reviews and beauty products I use and love.



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