What’s In Our Hospital Bags

What’s In Our Hospital Bags

Here we are, Week 38!  At my 35th Week appointment, my Doctor told me I had a week or two max to have our hospital bags ready since you just never know when the little one will want to make his arrival.  This both excited and slightly frightened me- was I ready?  Like I’ve mentioned before, I don’t think anyone is ever ready but it helps to feel like you’re at least prepared as much as you can be- so I started to organize our hospital bags.

After looking at countless checklists, YouTube videos and luckily, having a Sister who has gone through this three times already, I compiled a list of items with her help and the help of my “Mommy friends” (thank you) and I officially finished packing them today.  There may be a few things not included in the photos and some items that may seem unnecessary to some readers, but I think you need to pack whatever will make you feel as comfortable as possible so make sure you bring what YOU feel YOU need.

For Baby

hospital bags

(Items packed in Baby’s Diaper Bag from Carter’s)

Newborn diapers: You should bring a whole pack, or at least a half pack – we all plan for a quick recovery and leaving the hospital within 48 hours – but you never know what might happen. Also, the first poops can be really messy!

Baby Wipes: A whole package.

Travel Size Soaps, Diaper Cream (I am bringing Baby Vaseline which is also perfect for bums – I try not to use diaper cream if I do not have to especially at the beginning)

Swaddle Blankets/Sleepers

Burp Cloth, Bib and Nursing Blanket



Newborn kimono set (long sleeves, short sleeves, body suit)

0-3 Month Onesie in case he is a larger baby and newborn outfits don’t fit

Going Home Outfit: We will be bringing our little one home at the beginning of the Autumn weather arriving, so while I am bringing short sleeved onesies, I will be bringing a PJ outfit, with long sleeves and legs to keep him warm.  This all depends on the weather when you give birth.

Car Seat with Cover, Baby Blanket to keep Little One warm
For Mommy

hospital bags

Many women pack a really cute bag for these items- I borrowed the bags my Sister has used.  They are plastic and can zip up; they are easy to clean but also help contain all of the following items.

Stretchy Pants: Sweat/Yoga Pants  I know I won’t be wearing lingerie underwear right after giving birth.  Give your bodies time to recuperate and heal.    I will need pants that will accommodate the bigger underwear I will need to wear to hold the pads in place.  I chose black to minimize any stains from leaks that may occur.  I know this all sounds very glamorous- think of what your body just went through!  Also, I have been told that you will sweat a lot- hormones etc are being released from your body so bring a cooler option and be sure to have a change of clothes so you don’t stay damp.

Hospital Gown:  “Why?  It’s just going to get dirty anyway.”  I know I will be very uncomfortable and adding one or two hospitals gowns will just make it worse.  My dear, sweet friend Lydia surprised me with a hospital gown from Mod Mum and I can’t wait to wear it.  I will eventually do a review of my experience wearing my delivery and nursing gown (shown here), but for now, here is why I know it will make my hospital experience more comfortable:

Designed for comfort and style for the birth of your baby!  We want you to look beautiful and feel confident with that new little bundle in your arms.

  • Snaps all the way down the back to ensure you will have full coverage from behind (also facilitates getting an epidural)
  • Snaps on both sides of your breastbone to nurse discretely and comfortably on each side
  • Unsnap front flap completely for easy skin to skin breastfeeding
  • Super Soft 100% cotton fabric
  • Our satin ribbon sashes are removable and can be tied in the back or the front
  • Designed with the hospital in mind to ensure your doctor and nurse will love it too

After you leave the hospital, use your Mod Mum gown as a nursing night gown. It is beautiful and comfortable and great for breastfeeding in the middle of the night!

Socks:  I brought a few pairs but made sure to bring two pairs that have grips on the bottom.  While I am also bringing flip flops (I would wear them all year if I could and they will make using a hospital shower less cringe-worthy), if I want to walk around and keep my feet warm, I want to make sure I do not slip and fall.

Underwear: Again, you will bleed a lot- so if you bring pairs that you don’t mind throwing out, this will be helpful.  Just be sure they are big enough to hold pads or, if they are ones that you will use and keep during postpartum recovery, make sure they are big enough to keep you comfortable.

Loose Going Home Outfit: Your belly will stay pregnant for awhile. Nurses will come and push on your belly to make sure your uterus is shrinking back, this is will hurt a bit, when you nurse, your uterus will also contract – this will hurt a bit too. But the more the nurses do it, the better for your uterus to shrink back to normal.  However in the meantime, you won’t want form fitting clothes.

Nursing Tank, Shirt, Bra

Pads:  The hospital will provide you with some, but bring some of your own too.

Nursing Pads

Sweater for comfort


Snacks: my hospital does not discourage eating meals unlike some hospitals, so the cafeteria and meals will be there as options for me but we all know how pricey that can be, so bring snacks to help keep your energy up!

Prenatal & Postpartum Vitamins

Toiletries: Deodorant, toothbrush & paste, hair ties, lip chap **SUPER important- everyone has told me your lips get very dry so be sure to bring this**, Shampoo and Conditioner, Moisturizer etc- I know I will want a shower as soon as I feel able to, a Facecloth and your own towel if you like

Many women pack cosmetics… I think I will have other things on the brain.  I may bring a bit of cover up for after my shower and for any visitors but I will NOT be one of the women who are putting false lashes on during labor… (to each their own but I can’t put those on even when I’m NOT in a ton of pain).  I just gave birth, I expect to look awful and I am okay with that.


Nursing Pillow to help you adjust to breastfeeding and stay comfortable while doing it

Pillows for yourself (Hospital pillows aren’t known for being super comfortable)

A bag for any soiled clothing you’re not disposing of

An extra bag for any items the hospital gives you

Camera, Camera Battery Charger, Phone charger, Ipod or CDs for music etc.

Change for vending machines if needed

Notepad, pen: Record first feedings, notes for baby’s first few days, details you won’t want to forget

Don’t forget any medical papers, ID, or any other important health forms you have been given throughout your pregnancy- I have a 5 page summary I need to give to my triage nurses that my Doctor printed for me.


You may also want to pack a bag for Daddy/Labor Support person that contains a pillow, toiletries, extra sets of clothing… anything you can think they need so they don’t have to run home to get anything- it would be awful if they missed the delivery 😉 !

If requested, I will write a post after delivery and whenever I have time, to let you know if I regretted not having anything with me or if I brought an unnecessary item.  Let me know if that is something you would like to read!  As always, stay up to date on my life as a Mommy to be and soon, a first time Mom with their newborn by finding me on Facebook here!

To everyone reading this because you are close to your due date, I wish you all the best for a speedy and healthy delivery of your little one(s)!

Much love from a “patiently” waiting Mommy to be,


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  1. I had my little one at 38 weeks so be on standby!! Your bags look great. I would add to that a non fizzy energy drink (like Lucozade). Once I went into labour, eating was out of the question and it was a lifesaver. I can’t remember if you listed it, but also hairbobbles were my must have! And a cute cuddly toy for taking photos with baby if you end up staying in a day or two x

    1. Great ideas! Thank you so much! Every new pain or twinge I get, I pause and wonder if this will be it… but I think he wants to stay cozy for awhile. I need to keep my mind off of it but it’s hard; it’s so exciting! I hope you’re doing well! <3

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