Maternity Photoshoot at 39 Weeks Pregnant

Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity Photoshoot

Yesterday, I was lucky enough (at 39 Weeks pregnant) to have a Maternity Photo Shoot done by my Sister, with the help of my nieces, nephew and Brother-in-Law.  When my Sister wanted photos done to announce her last pregnancy, I helped take the photos and being there to take part in it was very special.  While it’s nice to have a professional photographer take the pictures, it can get pretty pricey.  I would not change these photos or the memories attached for anything, proving photos don’t need to be done by a professional to turn out perfectly.  Here are some of the photos with some behind the scenes shots.

First, I chose what I was going to wear and before applying make-up, had a few shots done in the apartment- (don’t have a professional backdrop?  Pretty shower curtains work just as well!)

Then, my Sister and eldest Niece did my make-up (she was so gentle and did such a good job)!  Sometimes, it is hard to feel pretty while being pregnant but they made me feel beautiful.



We then went outside and took one set of photos in a “Special Delivery” shirt and after a quick outfit change, walked to the water and took the rest of the photos.  All shots were taken in Ste Anne de Bellevue, QC by my Sister Monica.

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I will cherish these photos forever.  Thank you Monica & family for everything.



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