Did I really just do this?

Yes, I did.  I just did my first Youtube video.  Many more videos will be coming your way, (they will have actual content- exciting!) but this was just my first one as an introduction, so please don’t be too harsh!  However, thank you very much for watching and if you have enjoyed the content that I have been creating for over 3 years now, and you wish to support me to see more of it, I would greatly appreciate it.  I have just started my Patreon journey and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.  I know so many of you who would do amazing by using Patreon and aren’t yet- so PLEASE sign up here and do yourselves a favor!  Let your followers help you so you can in the end, help them.

As I said in the video, I joined Patreon because I have done posts for companies and artists all over the world and I never get a penny for the work I do, which is fine because I love doing it but time is precious now that I have my Son, so if you are able to show appreciation for my time, I would be more than thankful.  My content will get better, and I will be able to give you content that YOU want to see, so please, be in touch and if you want to collaborate, please get in touch with me!  Can’t wait to hear from you!


Love always,


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  1. Hi there Joanna, started watching it, but your sound was so low, and I had my laptop speakers at max…..could hardly hear it…maybe get some extension make to position closer to you…

    not sure of your setup there..

    Bob D [😊]


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