Transitional Nurseries for Small Spaces

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Transitional Nurseries:  Items That Will Grow with Your Children (Even in Tight Spaces)

There is nothing more exciting than adding a new member to your family.  While there is no doubt that it is the start of an amazing adventure, it is also an expensive one.  From the diapers to the outfits, the costs pile up and can be overwhelming.  A big chunk of any baby preparation budget, is dedicated to the nurseries for these new bundles of joy.

I was constantly searching websites and Pinterest for cute nursery ideas to get inspiration.  However, we live in an apartment that only has two bedrooms and I have a 7 year old Stepson who needs his own space.   It was my mission to buy practical and budget-friendly items.

When interior design gurus at Havenly, challenged me to think about transitional nursery ideas, I was not only super excited and honored to be a source of inspiration, but I instantly knew which pieces I wanted to talk about.  I had been lucky on my search, and had found amazing deals!

Crib/Toddler Bed

We wanted items that could grow with Liam, so while we shopped for items, we kept in mind that he would not be a baby forever, (note to self: try not to cry).  For Liam’s crib, we bought the SUNDVIK crib from Ikea.  Not only does it have two height options for the base, but it can also be turned into a toddler bed when Liam gets old enough.

Ikea also offers several other amazing cribs.  Some of them have drawers for extra storage space, which is an excellent option for anyone living in a smaller space.  We opted to go for one without the drawer storage.  Even when it is turned into a toddler bed, the base is raised off of the floor, so if needed, we could put our own storage containers underneath.  The extra cost for the drawers was simply unnecessary.  For $169, it was a budget friendly purchase that will be useful for at least a couple of years.  I am so glad we spotted such a good find.



Clothing Storage

It is no secret that babies have a LOT of clothing.  Liam honestly has more clothes than I do at this point.  We already have one bureau for my husband’s clothing, so I did not want to clutter our room with another one.  We simply, do not have the space.  This is why, I am so very thankful for our huge closet.  Half of it is for our clothes, and the other half is for Liam’s.

Instead of inserting a shelving unit, we use three of these great organizers.  We are able to keep all of the clothes that currently fit Liam hanging up.  The clothes that he has outgrown, or are too big, are kept in the storage space provided by the changing table seen below.  I love these hanging organizers.  Once Liam is a toddler and needs more room for his clothes, I will use them for myself!  You can find good quality ones in stores like Home Sense, but we use cheaper ones from the Dollar Store and they work just as well!

Hanging Shelves

Changing Table/Desk

Another part of parenthood, is that you will change a billion diapers.  I had always thought that I would simply use our bed as the “diaper station”, but when we were offered a table as a gift, I could not say no.  Believe me, your back will thank you for not bending in odd ways numerous times a day!  Once again, Ikea saved the day, (and our budget), with this STUVA Changing Table.   It has several shelves and compartments to keep all of the diapers, wipes and other essentials organized.  It also has sides that keep your baby safe while changing their diapers.  At $149, it was the perfect choice, since it is not JUST a changing table.

What really sold us on this item, is that when Liam gets older, it can be transformed into a desk or a play surface.  I often find myself looking at it, and I picture the diapers and wipes, getting replaced by crayons and art supplies.  I know that one day, I will be looking at Liam sitting at his desk and all I will see is how he had once been a baby, small enough to lay on it for diaper changes.

Changing Table


It is pieces like these, that I love to have in our home; ones where you can see a future and ones that will remind you of the past.  They are not just pieces of furniture.  They are items that hold memories.  No matter how you decide to decorate your nursery, the items will become part of your adventure with your little one, and that alone will make them special.

What other ideas do you have when it comes to saving money on items for your nursery?  Let me know by commenting!

Need more interior design inspiration?  Head over to Havenly!  You can even take a quiz to see which designer suits your needs.  I could spend all day looking at their inspirational ideas, so if you’re feeling stuck on ideas for your nursery, or any other room, they will definitely be able to help you.




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