Safer & Greener Household Cleaning Products

Safer Greener Household Cleaning Products

Safer & Greener Household Cleaning Products

Originally posted on An Extra Set of Hands Vancouver


I have always loved to clean.  Yes, you read that right.  I love cleaning.  Nothing feels better than cleaning your home, then being able to sit down, and enjoy the atmosphere of having everything in order.

Ever since I became a Mom, I have been interested in using more natural ingredients and products.  I will admit, I still often buy products out of convenience that I know are not as natural as I would like. However, I would like this to change.

I have a 1 year old who crawls everywhere.  He sometimes drops his snack and ends up eating it off the floor (it sounds bad, I know), and all I could do was stare at my floors.  Yes, I wash them often, but what chemicals stay put once I am done?  We are so careful when it comes to the products we use to bathe him, and wash his clothes in, but what is he crawling on 12 hours a day?

I know there are better alternatives out there, but I did not know where to start.  I also want to stay on a budget, so super fancy products are not in the cards for me.

Yes, I could Google “safe household cleaning products for babies” and I am sure I would get a lot of useful information.  However, I thought I would ask people I know personally and trust, (some of whom are fellow parents), for their recommendations.

The Recommendations

Here are the products that were recommended to me.  As I try them, I will post my thoughts and reviews but until then, which ones have you tried?  Which brands/products would you add to the list?  Let me know!

Attitude “All of our products are worry-free – 100% safe for your family and the planet, and free of cancer-causing chemicals, mutagens and endocrine disruptors.”


Enjo  “ENJO has created an innovative cleaning system using only water. Our products offer a better, more effective way to clean, while enjoying the benefits of a chemical free system. The ENJO cleaning system is fast and simple.”


The Honest Company  “Tough on dirt, gentle on you and your family. For all of life’s unexpected messes, hard-working essentials designed to do the dirty work – safely.”


Melaleuca  “Melaleuca is making it possible for more and more families to live clean by providing safer, more effective products.  No Bleach, Ammonia, Phosphates.  Melaleuca products feature biodegradable ingredients like thyme oil to disinfect surfaces, citric acid to remove hard water stains, enzymes to clean dishes, and cleaners to gently release tough stains from laundry.”


Norwex  “Our Mission is to improve quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes.” (If you live in Montreal and would like a connection to someone who knows all about Norwex companies, comment with your e-mail below and I can get you in touch with someone!)


Thieves from Young Living  “Having the best for you and your family is about being surrounded by all things healthy, natural, and non-toxic.“


And of course, there is always the DIY version; a simple mix of Water, Vinegar, and a few drops of Essential Oil.


There are also a few apps and websites you can use to research products before you buy them.  Just like the App Think Dirty” helps you navigate the ingredients in beauty and personal care products, “GoodGuide” does the same thing with household products.  You will see a list of ingredients, and see how safe they are for your health.  It is the perfect place to go when you are unsure of which products to trust.


If you have any other recommendations, or have experience with the products listed above, please let us know by commenting below!  We would love to hear from you and your insight will help others live a cleaner, chemical-free life!


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